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  1. OK got it installed,adjusted the front forks and took it for a rip.Feels WAY better,corners better and I dont feel like I might tip over every time I come to a stop.Ill adjust the SAG and lighten up the front a bit tomorow and ride again,Id recommend this piece to anyone who is my size (5"10" short legs).I also took an inch out of the foam on the seat,the height at the lowest part of the seat is now 33.5"
  2. Thanx guys got it.
  3. Is it as simple as loosening the 4 bolts and sliding the forks up?Im installing this yamalink loweing link tonight and it says to raise the tubes 6mm.Thanx
  4. Might as well take it off that lil thing isnt going to do much.
  5. Ordered one of these today.... Ill let you guys know how it works out since there are lots of people interested in lowering these 450s.Has anyone else used one?
  6. That should put the Rotella Haters to rest,proofs in the puddin,if they think their oil of choice is so much better they should put their money where their mouths are and do the testing you just did to prove it.Appreciate the data KJ,So glad I didnt waste my money on the Yamacrap.
  7. I guess the old mechanic I talked to knew his shit after all,looks like the Rotella blows the Yamalube out of the water,Ill keep using it thnx for the hard data.So much BS and product hype out there its nice to know there are still a few guys around who know what they are talking about.
  8. Tried NAPA,they couldnt find that number in any of their references,computer ect.Guess Ill find em online.
  9. Not to mention this is a Rotella test,not a redline test...cant wait to see your results!
  10. Thnx
  11. Do you have a part number for these filters at NAPA?Thanx
  12. Since we have no deserts,only mountian roads I guess Im OK.
  13. Nobody?
  14. Where r u getting filters for 3$?They are 12 here.
  15. Was wondering if there is a digi temp guage out there for a 08 450f,if anyone here is using them how do they perform?Thanx