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  1. allan68

    New 2007 KTM 300 XCW question

    Head light and tail light are add ons...wiring is already there. Plug and play...
  2. allan68

    Shane watts school Ontario

    http://www.sandaraskapark.ca/ There is a campground just down the road. (1/2 km?)
  3. allan68

    Spark Plug Wrench

    Thanks guys. I guess these are the ones out of the tool kits provided with the bike? Al
  4. allan68

    Free header dent removal

    Very interesting... What did you use to plug the ends of the header pipe? What do you mean exactly "centre the dent in the water?" Al
  5. allan68

    Spark Plug Wrench

    Hey Everyone, What tool are you guys using to change spark plugs with? I have an '01 426, which did not come with a tool kit, and there is not a lot of room to get a ratchet and plug socket in there. Would like something I could carry in a fanny pack. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Al
  6. allan68

    black plastics for the yamaha wr450???

    Just bought some black side panels off of E-Bay... Al
  7. allan68

    Ebay Bolt Kit

    Good question. I was wondering about that E-Bay bolt kit as well. Wouldn't want to replace a bunch of bolts with cheap crap that will cause major headaches down the road. Al
  8. allan68

    How much for a xr250

    Humby, There's not much point in comparing prices from Canada to the US. Totally different market. You have been looking for a bike the entire year, you must know what prices they go for by now. Looking for justification on prices from people you have never met, in a different country does not make sense. 3200.00 bucks for an '01 in good shape is very reasonable. These bikes are getting harder to find. Thats not going to change. I would not sell my '01 for that price. Al
  9. allan68

    WR 426/ YZ450 Side Panels

    I read somewhere that as long as the radiator overflow bottle has been removed from the left side, that BOTH side panels off of a YZ 450F will fit a WR 426. Can anyone confirm this for me? Thanks in advance guys, Al
  10. allan68

    XR rear fender fit a 250?

    Does anyone know if a rear fender from a recent XR400 is the same as the 250 fender? Is the tail light unit the same size etc? thanks in advance, Al
  11. allan68

    trail tech computer mounting

    No, as I said, it came with a recent bike purchase. Al
  12. allan68

    trail tech computer mounting

    I have a question regarding these computers. I just bought a bike that has one on it, but cannot get it to work. Replaced the battery, but get no display or backlight. Will these computers work without them being in the mount, or do they need to be in the mount to get any display? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Al
  13. I have been looking on E-Bay for a set of late model headers for a long time. I just did a search, in case I missed something, and don't see any. If you come across the ad again, can you link it to this post? That would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Al
  14. allan68

    Stock exhaust system for 2002 XR250

    I am interersted in your exhaust. Are you talking silencer here, or header pipes as well? E-mail or pm me with price. Thanks, Al
  15. allan68

    I don't believe

    Baffle removed = LOUD!