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  1. edbenson2112

    oil issues

    what worries me is i was on the bike it stalled i walked home 200 yards and checked the oil and it was showing no oil on stick why ?
  2. edbenson2112

    oil issues

    dgcars i have drained the oil and changed filter as i said in first post and i would take any advice if it was useful and i check the oil and coolant level before i ride and as i said IT SHOWED NO OIL ON STICK so if you can help please do i never waited till next day to add oil so if you think nothing is wrong with oil system why did stick show no oil but i drained it as you ADVISED and got 3 qt.+ out please advise me.
  3. edbenson2112

    oil issues

    thanks for the manual and change procedure but i have the manual and am more concerned about the amount of oil that came out of bike is there a reason it would not show oil on stick when it has 1.5 qt. too much in it and should i even put oil back in or should i tear into it couse someting is really wrong with oiling system? i dont want to roast the motor can any one help please
  4. edbenson2112

    oil issues

    I have 2002 yz250f with sight oil leak i watched levels never showed low, the other day i took it for a ride and it sputtered and then stalled. It still turns over, showed noting on dip stick. i put half a qt. in and it still showed nothing so i put a fulll qt in and it showed full. The next day went to ride and i checked oil and nothing so i drained the oil and there was 3 qt. plus. What happened? The bike still turned over, but i have not put oil back in. Very little metal flakes in filter, not very much though. Can any one help don't want to waste 20 dollars in oil if i don't have to. Please advise
  5. edbenson2112

    red hot exhaust

    motor was rebuilt less then 10 hours on it by amarillo shop with piston,cam, replaced but as for carb adj very possible dont know much about bikes can u help with info on adj or free manual maybe?
  6. edbenson2112

    red hot exhaust

    just bought a 2002 yz250f 1 minute after starting exhaust was red hot was told it has high comp piston and a cam and after market exhaust baffles removed is this normal ? also very hard to kick start havent got it to start without bump startig please advise me