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  1. spires34

    07 CRF450R Forks Blown? I can't tell.

    Your probably right they may just be set soft. I guess my main question was if any damage could be caused by my lack of attention to em. But no just trail riding and Glamis dunes when in season, so I'm just going to keep on like so, thanks man!
  2. spires34

    07 CRF450R Forks Blown? I can't tell.

    Digga, I release the air after every ride, and almost always can hear a decent amount of pressure being released. So I guess that's a good thing; just still not quite sure and don't want to take them in and spend $ if they may not be all that bad if any..
  3. I have a 2007 CRF450R and a few different friends have been on my bike so far. They asked me "hey are your forks blown?" or "did you know your front forks are blown out?" and each time I say that I have/had no idea, because I can't really tell. They feel fine to me, and when I compare them to their bikes they feel the same. But, these guys may know something more than me, even though they feel the same. How can I tell if my forks are blown/bad/old -all the above? Do they stick or not return as quickly upon compression, or make noise? My forks seals are fine, there's no leaking. Did some searching and couldn't find anything on the topic, so reaching out to you guys.
  4. spires34

    Going to Glamis Today...

    gordons gap... named after robby gordon?
  5. spires34

    1992 CR250 has NOTHING after 1/4 throttle HELP

    ..what frdbtr said.
  6. spires34

    Going to Glamis Today...

    Never been to Gordons or Buttercup. I have only been to The Imperial Sand Dunes sign, which is Glamis. What about you, if you have been to both how do they compare?
  7. spires34

    Going to Glamis Today...

    The last two trips out to Glamis. One was dry, the recent was very rainy.
  8. spires34

    NO MUSIC video thread!

    This is in Glamis with me, my brother and my dad who flew out from Florida to ride with us. If anyone hasn't visited the dunes I highly recommend it!
  9. spires34

    1992 CR250 has NOTHING after 1/4 throttle HELP

    jetting issue, like a few others have already said. Have you messed around with the jetting since those suggestions? Im just seeing this convo for the first time, and would like to see if its jets, or if you've already fixed it.
  10. spires34

    Going to Glamis Today...

    It was great out there. I have nothing to compare it to, but due to all the traffic the dunes seemed bumpy from the quad/dirt bike tracks. but there were some smooth spots and the bowls and hills were a ton of fun. We are going back in 2 weeks (nov. 16-18). I will be making a compilation of the riding we did and the drags too, ill post it under here.
  11. spires34

    California Going to Glamis Today...

    We have a group of about 15 people heading out from Phoenix to Glamis around 7pm tonight, is anyone else going to be there? This is my first trip out there so im pretty excited about it. Hope to see yall out there!
  12. spires34

    So I just bought a CR 250...

    Sorry KTMwade, this weekend the bike sold. im now on the hunt for another..
  13. spires34

    New 2013 Fly Racing Helmet

    Well look at the above pictures I have posted, you must not have had many helmets in your past. I tested the fly helmet this past weekend and the second I went out dust flew into my eyes with 3 different types of goggles. Also, the smaller opening you like, I have so little visibility that it felt weird not being able to see next to me due to how small the face is. I love Fly Racing, just not for helmets, there 2013 catalog had all helmet openings the same. I have tossed around the idea of writing the designer multiple times about why he would change the opening size if it doesn't even fit his own companies goggle sizes, lol. Thanks hillbilly, I'll check out Scorpion helmets and let you guys know what I do.
  14. spires34

    New 2013 Fly Racing Helmet

    So I just sold the helmet on Craigslist. Does anyone have suggestions on a normal size L helmet? NO Fly Racing please..
  15. spires34

    Off-Road Racing, where in Arizona?

    And also thanks SS109 for the info, I'm really looking forward to doing a race. Now just need to decide which one to do.