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  1. ahenson7

    2009 450 front fender on the '02 CR250

    I put the 09 450 fender and cycra number plate on mine.. Fits perfect after drilling new holes in the fender and the cycra number plate zip ties anyways so it's legit
  2. ahenson7

    Paging Griffin/BlackCR25098...

    Well I realize it was about him but my ad and phone number was being associated with it is the problem.. But all is well now.. Hopefully I don't get anymore calls about buying a home?? And mass scam text messages
  3. ahenson7

    Paging Griffin/BlackCR25098...

    Also big thanks goes out to braaaap424.. He was the only one that decided to let me know there was a whole forum on here about me being a theif. Thanks buddy.. No tellin how far it woulda gone if you hadn't takin action
  4. ahenson7

    Paging Griffin/BlackCR25098...

    Well originally I was gonna buy it from him but due to insufficient funds I've decided to sell it for him instead and maybe make back what I've put into it.. Besides I haven't rode it since the day I got my crf lol
  5. ahenson7

    Paging Griffin/BlackCR25098...

    The bike is still for sale! 2000 dollars.. Anyone in the tn area that's interested let me know!
  6. ahenson7

    Paging Griffin/BlackCR25098...

    Ya thanks hopefully this is cleared up and I hope you guys nail the bastard.. Good luck
  7. ahenson7

    Paging Griffin/BlackCR25098...

    I saw the guys ad.. And guess what? There is another white cr250 with red wheels that has had a conversion done.. Mine is a 99 motor not a 98 and next time before assuming make sure it's the same bike. I mean I would think people here on Tt would be more attentive to detail.. Only thing thats the same is the plastics and wheels. Mine has different exhaust triples and so on.. And my conversion was done over 4 years ago and not by me.. So that is my ad and that is not the same bike nor am I the same person.. So sorry keep looking. Make sure next time it's the same bike before assuming the worst. So everyone stop texting me and flagging my posts, I'm simply trying to sell the bike for a friend thanks
  8. ahenson7

    Paging Griffin/BlackCR25098...

    Just want everyone to know I am not the one responsible for everyone's parts not showing up and what not. This is the first I am hearing about this. I have no clue who griffin is.. I am sellin that bike for a friend and the build was done over 4 years ago by a man in charleston sc. That is my ad with my number I have no clue why people are makin the connection with me but I'm not the guy your looking for.. My name is Alex and I've never even used PayPal or sold parts in my life. So please stop contacting my number as I have no connection with this scam I'm just simply trying to sell a bike. If you have anymore questions just let me know. Thanks, Alex