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  1. Hey Kryonkid, That is weird about your camshaft. I thought the cam sprocket and the shaft were one piece so I didn't think it would be possible the sprocket to spin on the shaft and make the timing out! Is the cam sprocket/shaft one piece or two pieces? Update on my bike. The rubber pieces were from the backside of the clutch basket (they are called cushions). The cushions broke apart & clogged one of my oil pumps. This prevented the crank from getting enough oil. The botton end bearing started to wear and metal shavings came off the bearing. These shavings them went through the engine & got between the cylinder and the piston. Luckily, I noticed it right away and shut the bike down. Bottom line - I need a new crankshaft, piston kit, cylinder hone, clutch basket. This same problem happened to 2 people I know with the same bike all around the 50 hour mark. They didn't notice the problem right away & they had to rebuid the entire engine. I am convinced this must be a flaw the the 2009 RMZ 450. Of course Suzuki will not admit to it.
  2. Help! My 2009 RMZ makes a very similar noise (tap tap tap) and I am not sure what it is. The bike only has about 30 hours on it. It has never been taken apart other than to check the valves. It just started making this noise on my last ride. Update: I have taken the engine apart to see what is wrong. I do not see anything wrong! Everything seems normal (nothing is loose or broken). I did notice silver metal shavings the oil filter and black rubber pieces in the oil strainer. All valves are withing specs except on exhause valve is at 10/1000's of an inch and the limit is 9 thousanths. Anyone have any idea what the noise is? THANKS!