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    2000 KTM pro sr engine swap

    Finally got the bike all together and my son has rode it twice. Its been finished for at least a month but with all this winter weather we have had, he been pre occupied with doing doughnuts with his four wheeler. I'm very pleased with all that I have done with this bike. My son is also pleased with the power(smoothness) of the engine and the clutch setup out of the box. He has been off the bike for around 6 months and on his second time riding it he was smoother and ill say a touch quicker on a trail I cut for him. I believe the previous motor was too much for him. I'm still debating on going with adventure springs, The clutch isn't getting too hot in my opinion, and when I asked my son if it was hitting to hard he said not to change it. So I think it may stay this way until he hits that growth spurt to a 65.
  2. blackbeardscousin

    2000 KTM pro sr engine swap

    Man, Wish I knew that before I started on this project. I always wondered why that motor had a little more ump than other stock 50s I've heard. I never had the motor apart to look but I noticed porting when I had apart before we gave it to my son. I have the motor mounted and exhaust mounted, I have to move shock to center, it interferes with the exhaust. That will be the easiest part of this whole thing. Denardis had the new pipe on the outside of the frame. I wasn't too crazy about that, and didn't want to bend up the pipe and silencer to make that happen. The air filter, pod foam type will now stick out and interfere with his boot, so I'm going to have to make a custom elbow that will turn the filter to a void in front of the shock. The stock type tube will also interfere with the moved shock so I'm left with this option.
  3. blackbeardscousin

    2000 KTM pro sr engine swap

    Ive just started that conversion on a 2000 Sr. It looks pretty straight forward, other than the motor mounts. Denardis, (I think they are the same guys as martin and slater) sells a complete conversion that requires no welding and fab. I bought the complete air cooled engine and exhaust package without the conversion kit, I didn't like how the kit looked so Im making my own mounts, like it is in the 08 bike. I only paid $100 for the bike needing dominator fibers. It already had a lot of new stuff on it with pvl ignition, r and d pipe and an aftermarket rear shock. Hes has dogged the bike for a year without failure until the stator went out Im gonna break even in this whole venture, going with used price of newer bikes. I couldn't do any better if I parted it out, the same parts are still on ebay from last year when I bought the bike, But my little moto guy is emotionally attached to this bike, so my wife says in with the new motor. Ill be totally pleased if I can get another year out of it and him on a 60 (counting down those days). Ill let you know how all this turns out.