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  1. YZrider103

    Recommend a Silverado forum?

    SilveradoSierra.com is a pretty good one. lots of info, I've always had a good experience with it.
  2. YZrider103

    Thoughts on a 2nd gen Dodge 1500

    I know the 5.9's are sluggish for what they are. I also know you can get them up to par, with a little mods, which dosen't bother me, I like mods haha. They were great trucks for their time, That's why I want one, I've always thought they were the meanist looking trucks, they sound good to with the duals on the 5.9's.
  3. YZrider103

    Thoughts on a 2nd gen Dodge 1500

    Yeah, same here still good mpg, and power. I'm not gonna worry about it either, since it dosen't affect anything.
  4. YZrider103

    Thoughts on a 2nd gen Dodge 1500

    Same here mine does it once I get past 70... Power dosen't seem affected and o2 sensors and cats are all good. So I don't really see it as something to mess with either haha. It's probably a coil pack or fuel injectors... But than again its random.. ... What cylinders does yours misfire on?
  5. YZrider103

    Thoughts on a 2nd gen Dodge 1500

    My 5.3 has a misfire too. Dosen't effect anything to much. I know a lot my friends 5.3's eventually got misfires.. Mine didn't show up till 150,000. It's usually the infamous P0300 code....
  6. YZrider103

    Thoughts on a 2nd gen Dodge 1500

    Yeah, I have seen that,I can get a cheaper dodge with less miles for a good price.. Yet when I look at Chevy, people want like 5000 for a truck with 200,000 miles or more... I know the 5.3's are pretty fuel efficient for a truck. I just wanted some opinions. being I've heard good and bad things. I suppose like anything. Haha I think I'm gonna get a 2nd gen dodge 5.9 magnum. But more replies from people who have them and other replies would be helpful. So keep on replying guys!
  7. Hey guys, I currently own a Chevy 1500 with the 5.3. It has 200,000 on it. I wanted to get another truck, just in case something happens to it. Being at 200,000 parts start wearing out. Anyways what are your thoughts? Its been my dream truck since I was younger, I also knew relatives with them, who have had great luck with them. So I figured I plan on getting one, So should I? Yes, I know the problems the 5.9's can have. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, so I'm not to worried about things I may need to fix down the road. If you have a bad opinion on them, explain why, because I would like to get honest opinions.
  8. YZrider103

    What ratio do you guys use for your yz.

    I race and run 40:1 I always ring it out, never had problems. I personally say 40:1 is a prefect ratio for them. A few of my race friends who race yz250's they run 40:1 as well.
  9. YZrider103

    Possible power Valve Issue

    Well guys it was simple, an overlooked item... We rode it again, same thing. After we did that, we took the reed block out because someone at the track said that could be an issue. Well soon as we took em out, both reed petals had corner chunk of the reed chipped off... That explained why It was acting like it was. I thought it was the power valve, being that we messed with it and figured that had to be it. It was the reeds though, so overall an easy fix haha. Hopefully that will solve the problem. It wasn't like that before the rebuild. It occurred right after, so sometime at the track it must have chipped. Thanks for the help! The reeds were my first guess, but it seemed unlikely since we had it apart and they looked fine. So definitley overlooked it, just because they looked fine after the rebuild.
  10. YZrider103

    Yz125 engine troubles

    It sounds like the gap isn't right or the crank isn't lining up right. Once you get it together tap on both side of the crank with a rubber mallet. Until it moves freely, and also check that gap between the cases and the crank. Those would be the 2 reasons it would do that. I've done it enough that those are the 2 problems. Only tap on the crank if the gap between the cases on both sidr s don't look even. Like mine. If they look that way, even and it still binds up, tap on both side with the rubber mallet like I said and keep moving it until it frees up. Usually the tapping trick works. So if it still dosen't free up keep tpping on both sides. It will eventually free up. Or get a crank puller.
  11. YZrider103

    Yz125 engine troubles

    I don't think a clutch will make the crank not move. Can you move the crank? If you can't I doubt its the clutch. Can you kick it over, or bump start it?
  12. YZrider103

    Yz125 engine troubles

    When you installed the crank did you make sure, that on both sides of the crank the gap was the same from the case to the crank? Because if one side is a little more bigger of a gap than the other side, it can cause the crank to bind. I had to do the same with my bike, it kept going through cranks, because the gap was not the same, so it was harder on it. Is your clutch cable slack adjusted correctly? Have you measured your clutch plates? Your crank going out probably has nothing to do with the clutch... I'm guessing it's the gap, or the crank is not in correctly.
  13. YZrider103

    Possible power Valve Issue

    Thanks for the reply, its much appreciated, I will give that a shot, I hope it works! Again thanks!
  14. YZrider103

    Possible power Valve Issue

    Hey guys, We recently rebuilt my yz250. The dowels that move the power valve arms, seemed to stick a little but it didn't seem like too big of a deal. So to now, I was racing, and when ever I would gas it in the air, it would sputter, unless I feather the clutch in the air and rev it, it will rev out just fine. Same thing when I go into a corner, usually it would just bog a little if you're not in the power, but it sputters, until I feather the clutch once I get past low end and get to mid it won't sputter anymore. I know for a fact my jetting is spot on, all electronics are working fine, It just seems like the power valve kinda sticks until it gets up to almost the mid power. Could those Dowels into the cylinder that move the power valve arms be a problem, because they didn't move too freely when you would start at the closed position, they move more free after that initial opening of the power valve. Hopefully Someone can shine some light on this issue, I know my jetting is spot on and all electronics are working, timing is set correctly as well.
  15. YZrider103

    Power valve valve holder broken

    Mine broke too after I tore it down for a rebuild. I think it could break because of improper torque spec. On the bolts. I do remember though that was the exact peice that broke in mine too. Except mine didn't rattle or anything. I'm also curious as to why it happens. I could never figure it out. I also didn't have any crank seal problems. everything was fine. So I don't think a crank seal would exactly cause a problem like this. I've had it happen before though... Although all the people I also talked to have never heard of it happening before either.