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  1. V8Astro

    FinBro 280 Duration 5mm Lift

  2. V8Astro

    New front wheel, new look

    Same width as the rear 18 x 2.15 rim. Tires are 120/80-18”. No fitment issues. Everything went together fine
  3. V8Astro

    Oil change. Did i screw up badly?

    It’s probably the relief valve for the oil pump. Just make sure to replace all the pieces in the same order
  4. V8Astro

    Oil change. Did i screw up badly?

    Did a spring a little piston come out?
  5. V8Astro

    New front wheel, new look

    This is what the shock looks like
  6. V8Astro

    New front wheel, new look

    Call these guys http://www.buchananspokes.com/contact/contact_us.asp The spokes are custom length. They asked a bunch of questions about the rim that I couldn’t answer so I just bought an Excel rim from them. You might be able to find one cheaper
  7. V8Astro

    New front wheel, new look

    It has rebound adjustment but no compression adjustment. It was $429 shipped to me with the appropriate spring for my weight. It rides 100x better than the stocker
  8. V8Astro

    New front wheel, new look

    http://www.yssusa.com/products_yss.html Call them. I can’t remember the part number. Their website is an indecipherable mess but they had exactly what I needed.
  9. V8Astro

    New front wheel, new look

    I’m not sure yet. I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet! In typical Midwest fashion it went from 80 degrees to 45 degrees and raining in the span of 3 days
  10. V8Astro

    New front wheel, new look

    I got my 18” front wheel built and new tires on. I built the wheel with parts bought from Buchanan’s and EBay. Assembling the wheel wasn’t hard. Truing it was an exercise in patience. I want to say thanks to the members here for posting their experiences. I couldn’t have got my bike the way I wanted without your help!! Mods: EJK, full FMF, Racetech front suspension, YSS shock, 320mm front rotor, braided brake hoses, 18” front wheel, Shinko 705 tires
  11. V8Astro

    Supermoto Help?

    I contacted “All Balls Racing” once to help me convert a 2006 R6 front end to a 1975 CB750. They might be able to find you conversion bearings
  12. V8Astro

    Anyone ever built a wheel?

    I want to build an 18” front wheel for my two-fiddy. I’d like to get another DID rim and lace it to my OE front hub. I’ve never done this before. I’ve always bought wheels already assembled. I’ve read a little about rims, spoke count, spoke length, and spoke angle. I could use a little help on details on how-to and parts sourcing. My CRF is a road-going bike and I’ve found a few tire options in 18” that will work for front or rear. I currently have two other supermoto bikes and kind of want to take on a different project without blowing up the bank (again)
  13. V8Astro

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    LRP hangin out with his garage buddies
  14. V8Astro

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    I installed my RaceTech spring and valves this weekend. The info in the “how to” sub forum was a great help. I’ve had plenty of forks apart for bushings and seals but had never done any valving changes. The write ups gave me good info on what I was getting into. I selected Supermoto on the DVS because that’s where this bike is headed even though I don’t have wheels and tires yet. First ride impressions were I could actually stop without the bike pitching nose down! I have upgraded to a 320mm rotor and braided brake hose. On hard braking the bike used to nose dive so bad my rear tire would lock up. The next thing I noticed while jamming the back roads was how compliant the front is through turns. I can pick a line and keep it. Even over rough bumps the bike tracks right where I point it. Right now I still have the OE tires and the front was pushing hard on some of my favorite turns. Now it’s much more predictable and I can even throttle the back end loose without fear of the front washing out. All of this on super sketchy knobbies! I’m a Supermoto guy so these tires are well beyond what I’m used to. I’m still waiting on my rear spring to show up. Once I get the back end settled I’m sure I’ll be able to wring more out of it. I’m not sure why RaceTech only lets you choose ONE setup. I really wanted to compare the Supermoto valve stack with the enduro valve stack in the DVS.
  15. V8Astro

    Hello again

    I’ve read a few posts about replacing the clutch and removing the judder spring. Is the stock clutch that weak? I had an EBC clutch and springs in my YZ450-SM and it was really heavy. I kind of like the light CRF clutch the way it is but would replace it if it’s a failure waiting to happen