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  1. Wow. The butt hurt runs strong in this thread. I ride all my 2 strokes on the street it would be vastly more convenient. Don't want it? Don't use it. I would explain it but you can't distinguish opinion from fact. Typical of a forum like this
  2. I'll be using the OE KTM voltage regulator on one leg of the AC side. Not sure what it's set to. I'll have to fire it up and put the DVOM on it
  3. God yes. Mixing oil at a gas pump directly into the tank is tedious at best
  4. KBPC50-10 1000V 50A Metal Housing Bridge Rectifier https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GYTWCP2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_4p3Vxb1J11CWR
  5. Not for the internal circuitry. Just a simple pic of where the wires hook up
  6. Me waiting for KTM to add oil injection
  7. I played my 200exc. The stock lights "work" but aren't good for actual night riding. I have the 40w stator. I've been reading about installing a rectifier and cap to run LED lights. They're brighter and use less power. I run a total loss system on my YZ SM bike but I like the idea of not having to use a battery My question is the rectifier has two leads for AC input but the bike only has one yellow wire going to the OE voltage regulator. Is the other AC lead grounded right to the engine case thru the stator plate? Thanks
  8. I got a 2003. Recently rebuilt. I installed the JD jet kit. Runs great after a little fixin' here and there. I have the stock sprocket in front. I went from 48t to 44t on the rear and 1st gear is still unuseable. I ordered a 40t for $25. The bike need to be 60mph capable for short hops on the highway. Im wondering what others have for gearing
  9. Thanks for the info. It's all street use. Might get my lazy butt to the track one day... The crank timing sprocket is all chewed up. I read hit or miss opinions on aftermarket cranks so I bought an OE unit. For another $100 I won't have to worry
  10. I'm gathering parts for my YZ supermoto bike. I got a WR 5-spd and stage 2 Hot Cams so far. I want to keep stock displacement and stock compression What's the preferred piston for these? I've been using Vertex in my KTM's. Not sure what the innernets suggests for the YZ
  11. I have a Gas Gas EC300 supermoto. No problems riding it on the street. It's exhausting at times but I don't go for long rides on any of my supermotos anyway. No problems so far. It'll do 65-70mph for short sprints on the highway to get on the back roads. I say go for it. There's nothing like a 2stroke for blasting out of corners.
  12. No symptoms. I'm looking for another option to help keep the engine cooler
  13. I've been lurking about trying to find ways of keeping my YZ cooler. I run a lithium battery for lighting. Getting a radiator fan complicates that. I want to build my own oil cooler. I have access to hydraulic hose fab equipment. The only thing I'm not sure of is where do I get oil pressure from and where do I return the cooled oil?
  14. All of America huh? You sure? No I plated a 2013 Gas Gas two stroke Supermoto. I have plates on 4/5 dirt bikes I own. I just depends on what state you're in. Some are more picky that others. I'd go for it. My RMZ is a blast in the dirt. Sprocket it right and keep after the oil changes I think you'll do ok
  15. I want to add another gear to my YZ. New parts are $840 and some change. I can't find any used WR trans or bottom end anywhere. I have found a ton of YFZ450 quad trans parts tho. Some as cheap as $75. Anyone here know if quad parts would work?