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  1. Thanks for the recommendation and confirming showas. I’ve typically had great results by just adding a bit of oil to get forks to stiffen up without losing too much anywhere else. I’ll report back
  2. Good diagnosis. I figured that’s what needs to happen. Dumb question, are these showas? I send my honda stuff to Graeme brough but if it’s kyb I’ll send it to Enzo or something
  3. dan2581

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    All great ideas you guys are creative and that’s my weakness got it off but good to know all these tricks
  4. It’s time. I’m changing oil now which is why i wanted to adjust height. Maybe just a thicker oil? Tbh the issue does feel like it’s under sprung, but I’m so hesitant to believe I’m too heavy for a DRZ. Bitch is 2x me plus some. Can type of riding call for stiffer springs or just weight
  5. It’s most dangerous off road hitting a large rock. It’s not soaking anything. I’m running out of travel and deflecting. It rides very low in the stroke. Raising comp/faster rebound helped but only so much before I’m out of adjustment. Plus my SM fender scrapes my tire all the time. It’s very audible I also do a lot of jumping on the concrete with the sumo wheels on. The shock and fork both run out of travel.
  6. dan2581

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    Maybe i bought the case off someone else and I’m dealing with their mishap. Hmmm...maybe.... JB weld surprisingly didn’t work. I’m trying a cut mark and a flat head as a punch and if not I’m taking the cover off and finally drilling it lol
  7. dan2581

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    Wtf! I feel like less of a hack. Maybe it is a Suzuki problem. Curious if a standard eauivslent would fit better or worse
  8. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Springs are stock and I’m 140 lbs with gear. Normally big bikes are too stiff for me. I was going to try oil, if i don’t like, get springs and or valving. Pic is just of the manual spec 350mL oil outer tube. I’m wondering if i can adjust since it doesn’t give me a low-high range. Maybe that’s only a honda thing, I’m spoiled by their books.
  9. Forgot to add these are the newer style dual chamber DRZ forks. The regular part of my book shows old open bath forks and these were in the back. Not to cause confusion, I’m sure specs differ
  10. My clickers are set right and it feels great, but I’m 3 clicks out from all the way in and still bottoming. I want to add oil to stiffen it up, but the book doesn’t specify a range like I’m used to. Am i OK to add 10-20mL to the outer tubes to see if i make a difference? Not sure if this over stresses others components.
  11. dan2581

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    What 4 1/2” grinder? What grinder at all? Still need one of those for my garage and a proper toolbox [emoji23] Can anyone confirm the hex size is 10mm? I can’t find 11’s anywhere and both my 10s are a bit wobbly and this is the 2nd plug to give me trouble. I doubt the problem is on Suzuki’s end. I also doubt it’s standard sizing. New one comes Friday and i want to prevent it from happening again (aside from OT it)
  12. dan2581

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    Damn all you guys trying to make me actually do some work and take the cover off. Not before i exhaust all lazy options! That will be plan C, here’s plan B
  13. dan2581

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    I thought if that too. No sizzling thigh. There’s a decent buffer of space/metal. The breaker bar worked on my original case i put a hole in. The one on the bike is a used one. The torx is slipping, i need to pound it in harder and probably JB weld. The one off the bike popped right off and i had the same issue on the bike. It was almost stripped too.
  14. dan2581

    What do you recommend to get this off?

    Good ideas. The air impact helped chew it up. It was a cheap 10mm hex. i was surprised air impact didn’t do it. I banged it with a hammer before heat I’m going to tap around the outsides to loosen the threads, hit it with heat, and try this 30” breaker bar i just got. I’m surprised too, but i bet the culprit is the o ring from being way overtightened. I need to remove it to set the piston to TDC for my first valve adjustment.