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    02 RM125 Fork woes

    Hey guys, I'm new here, and just getting back into MX after about 7 years off. I just bought a 02 RM125 that needs some work, but it was only $500 and started first kick, so I wasn't too worried about it. I put in a top end already just to be safe since it's easy and I use to do them alot when I was younger, but now I'm running into suspension questions, which I never had to deal with when I was younger because A) I had new or near new bikes and I was only 160lbs with all my gear on and now I'm 180lbs with no gear on. so the stock suspension was pretty good for a C-B rider at 160lbs So onto my questions, I set the sag on my rear, and it feels really good, but I'm afraid the fork is jacked. When I bought the bike, it had mild leaky seals, and a bit of oil had come out over time, (the bike was kind of neglected compared to the way I treat my bikes) So I grabbed a "seal Mate" and cleaned out the seals, now, no more leaks! which is good! BUT the fork feels worse than it did before, and now the fork does not return to the full extended position on its own, it wants to stop about an inch and a half short. I put a little oil on the chrome to see if just the dry seal was making it stick, but the spring should have enough force to push it up to full extension right? and when I pull it up the last bit, the spring will hold it up there until i compress the suspension again. Now, I know I should go to a stiffer spring set up with my weight, but my budget is limited, and i wont be riding too much (once or twice a month) could this be more of a sign of needing a revalve or replacing fork oil? the clickers don't seem to be doing anything noticeable either, all in or all out, the difference is minimal if anythng. thats why I'm thinking the little lost oil could really have been more than I thought. could I just add a little oil either through the bleeder screw hole at the top or by pulling off the fork cap? just to see if the low oil is more of my problem then the springs? I know the first response will be to get a manual and rebuild the entire fork the right way, but it's just not an option for another year to drop more on the fork than I paid for the whole bike. I just want to make it ridable to have some fun, until next summer when I can save a few more dollars and do it right. thanks for the help in advance!