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    2012 WR450F Starting Problems

    I'm going to bump this thread because I have been experiencing similar issues with my '12 WR450. I seemed to have narrowed the issue down to a joint connector that is located behind the headlight assembly. with the main switch on, I fumbled around with the small white cap that covers the joint connector, and then immediately, the fuel pump kicked on and the bike fires right up. I'm curious to see if anyone else out there has experienced this strange issue? I don't see any abnormal corrosion or anything on that joint connector. I am going to clean it up with some contact cleaner, maybe a little bit of dielectric grease, close it up and tape it up really well to help keep the elements out?
  2. Thanks- No the tank was easy to get off. Now, the safety clip on the main fuel line was a pain in the arse to get off but I finally figured it out. It's kind of like a puzzle to get it out of the way so you can unplug the line lol. I plated my bike last summer after converting it. (Plate is under the tail fender so you can't see it well in the pic). I didn't have to purchase any kits for the wiring. It was rather simple to wire on my own. So far, I am happy with the looks of the tank...I was really worried it would look awkward and too tall, but IMS really spent some time on this tank and I could tell!
  3. Got my awesome IMS tank in BLACK today-here's a clip that I made unboxing it. I also just finished installing it and it looks great!! I was afraid it would look too bulky, but it has very nice lines and installed very easily!
  4. I have all of these sliders on my 2012 WR450 and they are AWESOME. I crash tested them too and they are solid. Made here in TEXAS, the pucks are all made out of UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). Figure this would be a good place to post them in case anyone was looking to add protection to their WR450's. http://t-rex-racing....p?category=1314
  5. r1alvin

    WR450 IMS 3 gal tank For 2012

    Can you post more pics of the entire bike? Maybe even pictures of it outside?
  6. r1alvin

    WR450 IMS 3 gal tank For 2012

    Man that looks awesome. Thanks for the pics! How much taller is the gas cap compared to stock?
  7. r1alvin

    2012 WR450 IMS fuel tank

    I want to buy an IMS tank for my '12 too. Can somebody with the black tank please post a picture of their bike? Thanks!
  8. r1alvin

    quick texas title ?

    I told them "0 miles" when I titled my WR in Texas.
  9. r1alvin

    Looking to Tard my WR400 Out

    Before ordering anything online, go to your local Yamaha dealer and see if they will price match parts for you. Thats exactly what I did when I converted my WR. They matched all of Motostrano's prices. Try to avoid Motostrano if you can-I did not have a good experience with them at all here lately receiving wrong parts twice, and still waiting for a refund from returned products. They are very lazy.
  10. r1alvin

    What clutch lever?

    RSC ON ALL OF MY BIKES ALWAYS! SUPER high quality product-best on the market hands down. I got one on my R1 AND on my '12 WR450:
  11. r1alvin

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Installed these on my '12 450: Found many places to fool around: Awesome bike-I love it :
  12. r1alvin


    Do it right. Buy the competition ecu, tuner, and a pipe and you will be set for life.
  13. r1alvin

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    I kind of like my '12 supermoto: