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  1. 2StrokeYz250

    GYTR by FMF Yz 250 Pipe?

    any review on the GYTR by fmf pipe? is it like a fmf fatty? is it a good pipe? its this one : http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/accessories/acscitemdetail/5/30/11/2286/all/1/9236/0/detail.aspx thx!!!
  2. 2StrokeYz250

    2009 Yz 250 Best Pipe/Silencer ?

    i might try the flywheel! thx
  3. 2StrokeYz250

    2009 Yz 250 Best Pipe/Silencer ?

    i find the GYTR flywheel interesting. Is it worth it? do we loose power with it?
  4. 2StrokeYz250

    2009 Yz 250 Best Pipe/Silencer ?

    DEP pipe and silencers are good? and if example i get a FMF Fatty pipe, should i buy an FMF silencer too or i can get the stock one?
  5. 2StrokeYz250

    2009 Yz 250 Best Pipe/Silencer ?

    Hi i bought i 2009 Yz 250 2 months ago, i like it very much! But in the mx track my 250 4stroke was a lot easier to ride. I want to put a Pipe or a silencer ( or both ), i want the power to be a bit more friendly and smooth , and to have a bit more bottom end without losing power on the top end, and improve power and powerband a bit everywhere =) I thought about the FMF Gnarly, but i read a lot on it and people says that we loose a lot on top end What about The FMF Fatty ? and Which Silencer Would be the best? thanks!