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  1. If that's the case, I guess I wasn't that far off. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I took a few hours and measured EVERYTHING that is on the excel spreadsheet that is off of Racetech's site. I came up with 11mm. That seemed like alot to me. If you get ambitious and do the same, let me know what you get (provided you still start with stock springs in your fork..... 'cause it does matter in calculating new preload according to their site). Here is a link to their preload FAQ page. They have the work sheet download right on it. Your new springs will be a touch shorter than stock. I think I may just stuff 2 of their spacers in which will ensure I don't get slop in the spring on top out, make rebound and compression adjustments, and ride it.
  3. So i've been fighting with race tech's site for the correct amount of preload on my 05e fork. I'm sure some one out there has installed these springs and knows the correct amt of preload for a spring rate of .52. They toss you a handfull of spacers, but the numbers I'm comming up with for preload are whack. Can someone save me some time?
  4. year two on Shorai..... I let mine live inside for the cold Montana winter. No tender. Worked strong after 5 to 6 months of sitting.
  5. I just had the same issue on fcr 39. I did not take carb out as recommended. If I was to do it again (pull the float bowl to drill out for R&D) I would STRONGLY recommend just pulling the carb completely out. Loosing a little o-ring and a washer off of the fuel screw will ruin your day. Good thing R&D comes with a new ones. As the saying goes....."take ten minutes to save an hour". It will be worth your time.
  6. '05e