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  1. ReMiX250

    93 RMX 250 questions?

    Well it seems that a first gen rekluse for a 93 RM 250 will work, but I have heard that it wasn't the greatest performing kit, so I think I will leave it be.... having said that, is there anyone around 250lbs without gear that has a good idea as to what suspension settings would be recommended with stock suspension?? I am sure different springs are a good idea, just things have become a little tight moneywise so I would like to know how to best utilize what I already have... Thank you for the feedback too gang...Cheers!!!
  2. ReMiX250

    93 RMX 250 questions?

    Cool, thanks for that... anyone know what year RM 250 has the same clutch basket as the 93 RMX??? The local shop couldn't tell me... I called the rekluse dealer in this area and they said they don't have a listing and do not know if it would work... If the parts are the same from an RM to RMX, would it not work??? They wouldn't warranty the kit from an RM installed on an RMX...... hmmmmmmm?????????
  3. ReMiX250

    93 RMX 250 questions?

    Just wondering if anyone has put on a rekluse kit, looks like the rm clutch is very similar,and if so what model do you use and is it good, and also does anyone have a suggestion about upgrades to the powervalve??? Been told they can break and lunch your motor... new to this so sorry if it has been covered, I'll try to sift thru the website... cheers!!! And any good tips please share...