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  1. Just had a message that this bike has been sold... so no pics to come. However I am not sad about it, do need to know what I am looking for first and slowly getting there. This 10 year old bike cost almost the same as a brand new 2012 S-type. Problem is import tax for Vietnam, hold your breath... 100%. Than it starts running in the figures... Next week I am meeting a guy who seems to know a way around. Than I can have a look for a bike form outside Vietnam. Since spare parts are a problem here as well second hand bikes are made and fixed with what ever they can find...
  2. Thanks very helpful, I've also been reading some other stories on TT and the S seems to be what I am looking for. A trust able dual sport, low maintenance.Can you explain me what CDI stands for?
  3. This is what I was looking/hoping for. When riding off-road you have best power available. Saying that... wife and me also go out on the bike for trips, a weekend or week, cruising around Vietnam, on and off-road, hotel hopping. Also I like to use it in the city. Should I give in on off-road fun and a S-type the better choice?The S-type seems to be much cheaper what I see online? E has more power so probably "better/stronger" build engine. Same for suspension I assume. But S comes with more features. A new E is about 25%-30% more expensive than S isn't it?
  4. Thanks, tomorrow morning I will call to ask for a good picture!
  5. These bikes here are difficult to find, this one is for sale in Saigon while I am living in Hanoi. Have to take a plain to have a look...With header diameter you mean the diameter of the cylinder head? (sorry English is not my first language)
  6. That explains part of my question, street legal versions available in Australia, thanks.Best would be if I can identify a part of the engine for the E.
  7. Takes a while but than... Thanks for the tip!!!
  8. So I uploaded the pictures in Photobucket, pasted the link in the URL block after pressing the image button but now I still only see the link? Is that the same for you?
  9. I tried that, uploaded pics at PICASA but they do not allow that. Can you tell me how to, I seem to have as little knowledge from posting pictures as I have from DRZ400...
  10. I'm looking at a second hand bike. They say it's DRZ400E from 2002 but I am not sure. I am new in this brand and type of bike. Here in Vietnam you buy the bike without papers so really have to know what to look for. If I read the posts here I tend to think it's a S-type. But when looking around on the internet I see also many E-types that look the same? Or are they mixed up many times? Thanks!
  11. There is also a version with air, Airhawk, should be better than gel they say (very expensive though). I am more thinking in week trips every day (all day) riding in a hot and humid climate like here in Vietnam. Anyone experience with this?