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    I ride a, 2006 Honda 230f. I am a trail rider, if you ever want to ride, just send me a message, and i will see if we can.
  1. yeah im a real big honda fan but ive heard alot of good things about the yz's and yz are still being made
  2. yeah thats what ive also read that, and that the parts are a whole lot cheaper
  3. Which is better? This is a very con traversal topic, just need to know yalls opinions
  4. Thanks man I'm gona take your advise, I'm 5"8 do you think I could ride a cr 125?
  5. Ok, thanks man, i'm probably gonna put somewhere around $400.00-$500.00 in it
  6. to replace seals and gaskets,
  7. Thanks for the information! That's what i'm trying to do, but since ill have the motor apart i'm gonna paint the frame and the exhaust pipe. Ill probably have it for another 4-6 months after deer season that's why i'm gonna try to make it look like a beauty.
  8. Aight, thanks man!
  9. I have a 2006 CRF 230F and i might be selling it soon to get a bigger bike. Well my dad thinks i will only get about $1500 for it after i finish with all the touch ups. This is everything i have done to it so far: I recently changed fork seals, Renthal handlebars, Pro Tapper grips, light switch with a kill switch made into it, front headlight, new front and back tires, bigger sprocket in the back, o-ring chain, jetted, baffle and air box mod, new battery, and that's all i can think of right now. But since winter is here and deer season is opening i cant ride, so i'm gonna put some money into it. I'm gonna get: new fork boots, new starter, new brakes and rear brake rod, new air filter(K&N), new foot pegs, paint the frame,new screw for hand guard, and that's all i can think of besides plastics. But when i take everything apart i am going to clean everything, the air box, motor, anything i can, and i might check the clutch, and check the motor. I'm basically stripping the bike alway apart and cleaning/checking everything. give me as much advise as possible, anything i could do to it, i would really appreciate it, thanks!
  10. aight thanks man, i think he might get a xr 250
  11. he will ride it around the fields and stuff and when deer season and winter is over he will take it to the mountains, nothing seriously bad
  12. used to much power for him
  13. My friend is 6 foot and weighs 250ibs. He wants to start riding, hes never ridden before, hes rode my 230 a little, but hes not experienced. What would be a good bike for him to start out on, thanks.
  14. thank you. Hopefully my dad will let me the 230 doesnt have much power either i mean i love my 230 its just it getting boring riding without much power
  15. what about a 2000 Kawasaki 250 2 stroke for $1000, maybe $800, is that a good deal?