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  1. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    The new Yamaha you can do it with the bike turned off. When you hit the start button it gives enough power to be able to see the TPS graph and to make some changes to the maps it does however shut off and then you need to hit the start button again. But it's a good setup because the bike doesn't have to be running. There is a number of the things the GET Wifi com (with get Ecu) does that we would like the Honda one todo. Adjust TPS, adjusting Rev limit, run a diagnostics of all the sensors that our run through the wiring harness. I believe in the near future these things will be approved and available to all Honda users.
  2. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    Your getting mad at the wrong person. We did not come up with the parameters and what you can and can not do. We made the wifi com unit and the app. Then we were told what would be aloud to do to the stock ECU. Don't you think that if we have the wifi com tuning with the bike off for the GET Ecu we would want to do it for the honda? Its not that simple, the old saying you don't bit the hand that feeds you comes into play here. We work with the OEMs on a lot of projects, weather it's hard parts or electronics. When they say things sometimes you have to listen.
  3. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    Here is a screen shot of the video taken today showing the wifi com on a 2017 RX with the LED lights on and it downloading the map from the ECU. This was only able to work when I put a R Ecu on the bike.
  4. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    George, monday I told you I would get back to you as soon as I heard back from Honda or I was able to get an RX bike. That wasn't a lie. I asked you where you got the unit from with intent to help you out. Did anyone see his response? No, because you wrote me a private message on the forum. You can't expect me to monitor the forum throughout the day. I gave you my personal email address, the office number and cell phone number if you really needed to get a hold of me you could reach me. You make it sound like I'm trying to avoid you. Which is not the case. You guys are so upset about the product. It does exactly as advertised. Nowhere does it say this is to remap your bike on a dyno or create all new maps. It's made to be able to adjust your Ecu mapping with out having a laptop and cables. If you want to be able to create maps from scratch sitting at your dinner table we make software that does that. This is not it. It also states in the instruction the bike has to be running. (Yes we are working on a update for the app) this would allow you to be able to make changes offline, save them and then start the bike then send to the Ecu. These things take time and don't happen overnight. They also have to be approved from the OEM. This wasn't made to replace the Honda tool. I haven't seen anywhere GET Specifically says that the wifi com works on the RX model. If you have please show me this and I will have it fixed. However we were told that it would work and it had been used on the RX. I have a number of emails from people asking and I have told them I'm checking for myself cause there is confusion. Manufacturing companies not only Athena / GET but many others all around the world close for the month of August it's a holiday. Getting answers from engineers hasn't been easy. Today I was able to get a 2017 CRF 450 RX. And you are correct George it gives you a message saying "incompatible bike model" You have said a number of times yourself that you were told the ECU for the R and the RX are the same. We were told this also. Problem is this can't be true because after it didn't work on the RX I took a ECU off a R and put it on the RX and the wifi com works fine. I have sent the video, and screen shots to Honda asking if they could explain what is different. It could be possible that the time it was tested on a RX that they had a R ECU on the bike. I can't confirm this. I can only tell you what I know. Honda replied that they will get back to me on this. When I don't know. You bought yours in NZ and I'm not sure what the sales person told you. If they told you it would work and it doesn't work for that model then they should 100% take the item back that's not your fault. Also whoever sold it to you should have confirmed which bike it worked on. I'm sorry you guys are so disappointed, I think maybe some of you were hoping for the wifi com todo more than it does. That doesn't mean it don't do what we say it does. To answer a few of the other questions. If you were to use a GET ECU with the wifi com that works with the GET ECU. You can adjust the maps with the bike running or there is a power lead that you can hook up a 12 V battery to using a multi link cable that we offer and you can adjust the maps with the bike off. This is not something Honda wanted to happen when we made this one. We made the GET one this way because it's our Ecu and we can approve those things. Since getting back from lorettas I have done nothing but try and help you guys get answers. Weather it was getting bikes to show you how to hook it up or contacting Honda to get answered. We have won the last 3 250 MX titles with the GET ECU. Products can't be that bad. To go on a public forum and bash a company that did nothing wrong is out of line IMO. Either way I just work for the company. Yes I am passionate about motorcycles and I defend the company I work for. My job is not to search message boards, a customer brought this to my attention and I went out on my own to try and help you guys. We didn't label a product as something it isn't. If you were told it fits a model it doesn't that was by mistake of whoever told you that. We have over 20k part numbers. Some people love them some people hate them. You will never make everyone happy. If any of you bought that product and your sales rep told you it would work for your RX they should return it. If they won't let me know I will try to get in touch with whoever needs to be contacted. In the mean time I'm waiting to hear back from Honda on why it won't work on the RX as they say it should.
  5. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    Who did you buy it from? Does there listing say it fits the RX? I will get back to you as soon as I hear from Honda or I get a bike which ever happens first.
  6. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    I have not put it on a RX myself. I have sent a email to Honda to see if they can confirm it works and send me a video. (They told me it did) but I have yet to have any proof. Getting ahold of a RX around here has been harder than I thought. I will keep trying. For any of you that have a 2017 CRF 450r and looking for a little better mapping. The 2018 mapping is a lot better overall mapping. You can load that into your 2017. Also if you can get the RX engine hangers and put them on the R it helps a lot with the bike. The 2018 R comes with the 2017 RX engine hangers.
  7. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    Take it how you want, but me saying that "some of you don't know anything about the GET Product and are very quick to bad mouth it" was a fact right? Non of the post I seen anyone had ever worked with GET. Im not saying any of you are wrong for being upset. I wasn't directing anything to you direct either. But the product works fine. I called you back when I had a little bit of service at loretta's to try and help you. I wasn't able to at that time all you said was your lights weren't coming on. How do i answer that? Did you plug them in right? Did you start the bike? There aren't many things to trouble shoot without me sounding like you don't know what your doing which i wasn't trying todo. We dont have every bike just sitting around to shoot videos with. Honda said they would get a bike for us to shoot and that didn't happen.I can't make someone let me use there race bike to shoot a video at a race. I dont know what else to tell you. There are 2 plugs you plug them in and start the bike. Once the lights come on you make changes. i will show you this in the video. The complaints of bikes overheating and in your case the lights not turning on. That is something we havnt heard before. Sometimes there is a update for the app which take 25-30 secs this would only be the first time hooking it up. Without having a bike here (I got it late this afternoon) I cant test these things. such as the lights not coming on. If your lights never came on maybe you have a bad unit? Its a electroinc and possible. Your more then welcome to send it back and we will test it. If something is wrong we will replace it. Im not trying to be defensive here, but if you were out of town and someone is trying to get you to sell a house for them and you werent able to answer then they go online and start saying things about the company you work for it's a little hard to not come off as a little defensive. We have sold a number of these units without issue (Yes many could have went to older bikes) but I can confirm it works fine on the 2017. I have 2 voice mails from you and 2 emails from you. I couldnt even load the pictures you sent until this morning. I'm only one person and can only do so much in a day. If i bought a $300 product and it didn't work to my liking i would be upset also. But all we can do is try to help you understand the product better. Many people disagree with you and like the product. Ask anyone in the paddock at a US national or a MXGP we make a quality product. You will never be able to make everyone happy we know that. People love FMF people hate FMF same with every company in the sport. Im not on here to argue with you. I will try and help all of you. I shot this video on a iphone just now in the warehouse just to show you that it does work on a 2017. Im working on getting a real video made that we can then put on the website better explaining install and mapping. Step one was getting a bike today. You can send yours back to us and we will test it if you can't get it working. Your right i dont have any idea what i'm talking about you got me. Today was my first day.
  8. DT101

    ECU Mapping (share your settings)

    Hi Guys, My name is Dan Truman I work for Athena / GET. Most of you hate me and yet you have never even met me. I read the 10 pages, I understand some of you are upset with the GET wifi Com. I also can tell that some of you don't know anything about the GET product and are very quick to bad mouth it. This forum started the same time we left for Loretta Lynn's anyone who has ever been there knows there is no service, not for phones or internet. We even bought the wifi package they offer and it didn't work. This is noones fault, and I understand you want answers right away. If you bought the product from parts unlimited have your rep contact me and we will approve a refund if the product is still new. I spoke to a few of you who post on here by email or by phone and yes I agree the instructions are not the best. They were already getting redone before this forum started and hope to have new ones soon. Here is some other info. This product was developed with the GET engineers and HRC engineers in Japan years ago. This is not something just GET came up with, you have to have the OEM approval on things like this. Working with the OEM things take time. There are alot of things that have to happen. This is not something we came up with when Yamaha released their new bike. As many of you know we work VERY close with Yamaha both in US with Chad Reed, Cooper Webb and Europe with the Factory Yamaha race team for MX1 and MX2. This GET wifi com for honda is based off the HRC tool. Same with Yamaha's wifi is based off the GYTR tool. We are back in florida this morning, a local honda dealer is giving us a bike to use for tomorrow Tuesday Aug 8th. We will shoot a video here at the shop. I will explain as much as I can from hooking it up to doing mapping. We tried to do a video at Loretta's, but it isn't as easy as you may think to just go ask someone to plug into there race bike at the biggest race of the year. We did have a good number of hondas racing lorettas with the Wifi com. as well as a number of bikes using the GET power ECU and the EVO ECU. I'm here now to answer any and all questions you may have. Email is Dtruman@athenausa.org office number is 941-896-7903 cell number is 941-448-0650 We always give the best suuport we can. In this case it was impossible without service at Loretta's. Below I can share with you a quick email from the guy who is in charge of product development at Honda. Also No one ever said you were dumb as one of you stated. Just that it does hook up to the 2017 very easy. From: D Truman dtruman@athenausa.org Hi Bill, Just wanted to touch base with you and see if you had a chance to test the wifi com? Also if you were able to see if it worked on other models like the 2018 250f. I understand if you can not answer the last question until a later date. Thanks Dan Truman GET Brand Manager - USA Tel: 1-844-447-0377 Mob: 1-941-448-0650 Skype: Dan.Truman Dan, I've tried it and I'm impressed with the ease of use. I can discuss if/how it works on another certain bike with you at Loretta's. Honda is holding a dinner on Sunday night at the main stage, let me know if you would like to attend. Bill Weppner American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 1919 Torrance Blvd. Torrance, CA 90501 Bill tested it on the 2017 Honda 450. Again I understand some of you are upset, but I think the video will help answer a lot of your questions. Also so you understand the differences in the ECU's The Orange Get power ecu that comes with wifi com Is made for a stock engine with just a exhaust pipe. Not a mod engine. You can make changes to this ecu but the GET wifi com for the GET ecu is limited on what you can change. When you make a change such as add 2% inj it does it over the whole map. Not like the Honda one where you can adjust different RPM and Throttle position. Retail: $600 The Evo complete ECU is what the race teams use. You get the ECU, 2 maps, wifi com, map switch, and Launch control GPA (traction control) This is then tuned on a laptop with our Maya Software. You can get the Evo software which works for most and you can tune a number or tables. Or the advance software which is what JGR, Yamaha and other teams use. This allows you to create maps from scratch, run 2nd injectors, work on crank table just about anything. Retail: $1000 We also offer the EVO ECU as a basic which is just the ECU and map switch and you can add on the other stuff later if you would like. (Same ECU and tuning as the complete) Retail : $800 Then we offer for the Honda the Wifi com tuner to tune the Stock OEM ECU. With the same parameters as the HRC tool. Retail: $300 It just depends on what your looking for and how much money you want to spend. Overall you get more out of a ECU or tuning your ecu then you would for a exhaust pipe which cost just as much or more. Again sorry for the bad instructions, and the issues you are having. i will talk with you guys tomorrow after we shoot the video. Here are a few older GET Videos that Transmoto did. And a write up Keefer testing did on EVO ECU on the new honda.. https://www.keeferinctesting.com/offroad-testing/2017/6/9/get-gp1rx1-evo-ecu