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  1. MaicoMaico

    Question for u guys

  2. MaicoMaico

    Question for u guys

    You speak the solid true bro! I appreciate your contributions
  3. MaicoMaico

    Question for u guys

    Thank you guys for replying to my post! It never ceases to amaze me with number of awesome people on this site! Peace:)
  4. MaicoMaico

    Question for u guys

    Master210, yes that is the bike he has!
  5. MaicoMaico

    Question for u guys

    Hey i know this is probably not the proper forum for the bike i am going to ask about, but you guys are great in this section and have always helped me with my XL. I couldn't find a better place to post as of yet... Any how, a good friend on my has a Honda CM450e, having trouble locating info on his bike. Are any of you familiar with this rare bike? Just a few basic questions or a tip on where to post would be great. He is a new member here (Hcb750ss), i really want to help him. He has questions regarding adding an H.I.D head light and also where to find a solenoid or a compatible one at the very least. We have searched the net to no avail. Any assistance would be fantastic! Thank you, Chris
  6. MaicoMaico

    Show your PIG

    Original condition 1985 XL600R
  7. Thanks BWBOmber, I ordered manual choke like you suggested. $9.07 with free shipping
  8. Hey guys! Thanks for the info and helping me. Ill look around as you suggest. I should have been more clear, as I'm not just need the nut. The thread the nut screws on to broke off with the nut. I am needed the whole sleeve or piece with the treading the nut attaches to. It appears that the Florida humidity rusted the spring in the choke mechanism, cause the plunger to stick, breaking the plastic parts. So now the choke plunger just wants to stay up. You guys are awesome, thank you, Chris
  9. Been searching, no results:( Stupid part broke and i can't find a replacement, please help me find a part number for something that will work. Everything I've found says not available, can't find on eBay either, local honda no help... Thank u!
  10. Happy riding people!

    1. Brian Wilson

      Brian Wilson

      any day riding is happy riding!

    2. DirtyPrincess


      can't wait to get out for a ride on the scooter :D

    3. MaicoMaico


      I've been riding my XL600R, so much fun, such awesome power on the road!

  11. Maico

    1. thejunkman


      Check out my new project bike. I have a new video up.

  12. MaicoMaico

    '85 xt250 engine problem

    Have you checked the carb? Make sure jets are clean...
  13. MaicoMaico

    Honda CRF250X 2004

    You are awesome!
  14. MaicoMaico

    XL350 motor in a specialty frame

    That would be a heck of a snowmobile, lol
  15. Miss use of the term "powerband", also referring to it as a part...LOL