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    Old school TT250

    Frank can you tell me more about this? are you saying that I can take 350 warrior top end and bolt it to the tt250 bottom end, change the piston, and be off to the races? I only ask, because I have a 1980 TT250 that I want to flat track race in the small vintage class. the class is 0-400cc so all the honda 350's and suzuki 400's are really cleaning house. I was going to do the same thing as DuggyT, but I don't have access to a machine shop, so if I can just get the 350 top end off of ebay and put it together myself, that would make things a lot easier. Thanks Nick
  2. Downey26

    TT250, 350 Warrior project questions.

    thanks Doug I will try and keep this updated with my results.
  3. Downey26

    TT250, 350 Warrior project questions.

    so you think using all the 250 parts with the 350 sleeve and piston is the way to go? what did you use for a carb? did you still use the pumper carb from the 250? a guy at the track told me he used to indoor race a TT250 and he said he couldn't get it to run on anything but the pumper carb. just curious. is the 0.040" gasket standard? where did you get it?
  4. ok guys, need some advice. I race vintage flat track, and I just picked up a 1980 TT250. I want to make a short tracker and TT bike out of it, but my class is 0-400cc, so all those honda 350's and the suzuki 400's really clean house. I have read DuggyT's Frankenbike thread and also some things from Fast Frank, so I think I know enough to be dangerous on this topic. I have a few questions. I don't have access to a machine shop, so putting the 350 warrior sleeve in the tt250 jug is a bit of a problem for me. 1. can I just take a 350 warrior jug and head and bolt it on the tt250 lower end? 2. if so, will I still need to shorten the sleeve? 3. can I use the 350 top end and put the 350 crank in? that would solve the 19mm to 20mm problem. 4. if I do re-sleeve the 250 jug to use the 83mm piston, do I still use the 250 head, or can I use the 350 head ( I like my exhaust opptions with the 350 better) also, someone said that a suzuki piston would be a good replacement, just bore out the 250 cylinder, and make it like a 277cc or somthing like that. if anyone could please help me out with some info, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Nick