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  1. my 1997 honda cr 250 was not getting spark. went threw all of the tests and results told me the cdi was bad (getting intermitent spark). drove all the way to buffalo mn (a 2 hr drive for me) to get a cdi from a guy that claimed his was from a 97 cr 250. got there and his cdi was completly diffrerant from mine, however he did have the cdi stator and coil and told me it would work if i just used all three. bought them for a deal and got home, mounted everything in there, and wat do ya know, NO SPARK. looked up the part number of the cdi box on google and figured out it was really a cdi from a 99.(im guessing the stator and coil are off a 99 to). What i am wondering is if these parts from a 99 should work on a 97. He tells me i may have a bad ground, however i cleaned it up pretty good and am still not getting spark. Any responses will help. i have been trying to figure out the problem of my bike for almost a month and I JUST WANNA RIDE!
  2. hello thumpers, i have a 97 cr 250. i was riding at a track and the bike was starting to bog down, but if i just held her wide it would still run. finally she stopped running. i thought i had just fouled a plug because it had been doing this. so i replaced the plug. still wouldnt start. checked to see if there was spark and nothing. Did some tests on it and thought it was the coil. When i had put the new/used coil in, the cdi box/igniton controll module was out in the open, not tucked into the frame. i got spark, but wen the cdi was put back in the spark was lost again. i have gotten the bike to get spark with the origianal coil that was in it. it seems to me that one of the wires is shorting or broken or something because it only doesnt get spark wen the cdi is all mounted back in the frame and the wires are all bunched up back there. any common problems with these bikes?