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  1. definitely not. you will be more expirienced and you might be more comfortable riding a bike,but its all about commitment and willingness to learn knew styles and trying to improve. you can ride 20yrs and still be a frickin idiot when it comes to riding. the more time you put in trying to improve will show when you get on a bike.
  2. red all the way.. hah. yeah i would just buy a newer 250r and then you kinow ur getting something better\
  3. big bore kit is a yes... also exhaust i have now is a fmf with a power bomb pipe
  4. if you do it, he would need to put some serious money on top.
  5. this just happened to me the other day.. i now need to buy a bottom end rebuild kit
  6. i kno you probably dont but its the only thing i can think of...-- did you by any chance have any oil at all in the gas?
  7. check your jets in the carb. the one that controls the low rpm might be dirty, not allowing enough gas to flow through, causing it to die. add just a little starter fluid in the carb before you put it back together. and lastly raise the idle just a tad. that would be my only guess. let me know if it works