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    1989 XT 350 question...

    PD350, im officially using you as my XT 350 guru! LOL... Next question: Are the engines interchangeable between years? Reason I ask is because I may have found a doner engine for my 89' but its out of a 92' and has lesser miles than my 89' did before it blew. I was looking at the pictures and it looks like the exact same motor. I hope it is, cause I just may have to make a road trip this weekend to go get it...
  2. 02Camaro35th

    1989 XT 350 question...

    "I see, said the blind man," Now I know why the steering lock didnt work.
  3. 02Camaro35th

    1989 XT 350 question...

    Dammit. Sorry guys, photobucket is being a byatch. Its was the size of a sheet of paper when I uploaded it and now it's tiny...ugh.
  4. 02Camaro35th

    1989 XT 350 question...

    All, Tore down the XT 350 this past week to start restoration. On the front of the front fork mount tube, there's this bracket. It was bent up pretty good. Just curious if anyone knows what it's purpose is...
  5. 02Camaro35th

    New XT 350 owner; Engine questions;

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I reviewed your project and I must say you've done a fine job cleaning that bad boy up! I have similar intentions for mine, but im at "Day 2" with it right now, so i've got my work cut out for me. What did you use to clean up the rims? ScotchBrite pads and solvent? I'd love to know... My biggest hurdle right now is my engine assy. It's pretty bad off, and im not findin many places online who have those complete engine assemblies for sale for that year and model of bike...oh, and mine is a dang California Edition as well, so i've got the charcoal canister and what not mounted on the bike too...ugh. I'll take my engine assy to my local shop today to find out how much they will wanna stick it to me in terms of doing a full rebuild on the thing...I know from going online, a cylinder and cylinder head assy alone is damn near $1000...I wanna do this on a budget, but I fear that the engine is gonna be the most expensive part to get repaired. Guess we'll be having a few garage sales here...lol Again, thanks for responding to my post. I look forward to future communications! Dave
  6. Hello all, This will be my first post since joining the ThumperTalk forums, so I hope you guys can assist me. Just picked up an 89' XT 350 for $400. Bought it knowing that it had a bad motor on it. Got the motor out tonight and took off the head and lo-and-behold the piston is destroyed, with pieces of it down in the engine case. My plan right now is to tear the XT 350 down to a bare frame and do a complete restoration of it, the most expensive part being the engine, of course.. At a glance, im gonna need a new cylinder head, a new piston sleeve, and a new piston, holding out hope that nothing is too badly damaged inside the gear case. Add gaskets, filter, oil, maybe even a carb rebuild before its all said and done. So my questions are: 1. Has anyone done a ground up rebuild of one of these engines by themselves, and if so, what did it end up costing you in the end, from the time the first screw was loosened to the first startup after rebuild? 2. Does anyone know of a business in the US that specializes in rebuilding older dirt bike engines at a reasonable price? Or possibly even selling remanufactured engines for dirt bikes as old as mine? 3. Is there a suitable substitute engine for this bike that will fit with minor mods to the frame? 4. Am I crazy for wanting to spend money on this bike to fix it and restore it? I fully know I could get a wicked newer model bike on craigslist for the $2k-$3k im getting ready to spend on this thing, but the way I see it, I restore it myself, I have the equivalent of a brand new bike to ride to the trails out here in Southern California. I just want a decent enduro bike to do mostly mild trail riding with the occasional steep hill climb, and I feel this is it. I'll get off my soapbox and let you guys give me your input. Thanks in advance for checking out my post! Dave Antelope Valley, CA