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  1. Will.A.R.

    New SG12s

    Small town. Local dealer stocks very little much less size 14. I wish I could have. I'm at the mercy of the "apparel exchange program". My buddy wears the Predators but his are way too small for me to try on. He hasnt had them long so I dont know how well they hold up over time. Definitely looking at them though.
  2. Will.A.R.

    New SG12s

    That's what I thought too which is why I ordered them. I must have odd lower legs
  3. Will.A.R.

    New SG12s

    I'm a big guy. Haven't had new boots in 5 years. Had Alpinestars tech 3, bought Gaerne Sg12s. Most people report how great they fit out if the box. Mine felt like they were strangling my ankles and yes I let the buckles out in the area. I don't remember the Alpinestars ever being like that. I remember them being stuff but comfortable. Any other big guys(size14) experience this with the sg12s, if so did they "wear" in or did u get something else?
  4. Will.A.R.

    2012 triple clamps on a 2006?

    The model number on them is 5539. U might email applied and ask them the specs. They are for the 06 to 09 bikes. The finish is scuffed but they are in good shape and include the upper, lower and bar clamps. If u want them make me a reasonable offer and I will likely say yes.
  5. Will.A.R.

    2012 triple clamps on a 2006?

    I've got some applied racing clamps for I can check the offset on those if yr interested. I'd let them go for a good price.
  6. Will.A.R.

    2012 triple clamps on a 2006?

    What are you trying to accomplish with the newer clamps?
  7. Will.A.R.

    Am I Too Heavy??

    I'm 6'3", weigh 260 pounds and race mx. Suspension is EVERYTHING. At 225 you could likely get by with springs depending on what level you are/ want to ride at. When I started riding MX 4 years ago I thought the same thing "it must be my weight". I had trouble with everything on the track. I stuck a set of racetech springs on using their calculator and it was a world of difference. Went with a revalve and it took things to a another level. The bike has to be set up for you. You wont believe it until you have it done.
  8. Will.A.R.

    chicken ranch

    The owners daughter posted on FB a few months back that it was closed, no trespassing that people were going out there without permission. To my knowledge Billy Sanders still owns it. Might be worth calling him before trying it
  9. Looks like a good core. New cylinder or replate. Take ur pick. Shop around sometimes if one of the various replating companies gets an overstock on a particular cylinder you can get a deal. Of course usually if there's an overstock you won't get as much for ur core
  10. Will.A.R.

    08 450 accelerator diaphragm differnces

    Mine has 858 on it and 3.24. Just bought this bike and everything in it is kinda screwed up. Just trying to see where everything is with respect to the parts in it. Diaphragm looks like its been replaced. Just don't know if its "std" one or not
  11. Will.A.R.

    How much should I sell my bike for?

    I need to live where some of u guys do. Down south 1500 if ur lucky and are very patient.
  12. I noticed in the ipb that Yamaha offers 3 different ap diaphragms. My assumption is the difference between the 3 is the height of the stop button. Is this correct? If so does anyone have the height measurements of the "stock" one that comes in the bike? I'm trying to determine with a bike I just purchased has in it without taking the one out of my 09 for comparison.
  13. Will.A.R.

    Mx tracks in/ near Tuscaloosa

    Yeah look me up. Names Billy Reed.
  14. Will.A.R.

    Mx tracks in/ near Tuscaloosa

    Lol Caledonia. I've got a small track me and some folks around here ride at. Building a track about the size of Littles right now. We get around a good bit. Whats ur name
  15. Will.A.R.

    chicken ranch

    Chicken ranch closed earlier this year