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    WR250F no spark

    yeah I'm checking for spark correctly, I've had a mechanic have a look, and he is stumped as well. I just ordered a new voltage regulator, not sure if this will fix it, but did read somewhere that the capacitor in the cdi gets it's earth through it. not sure if that is true, but might as well give it go and see if it works
  2. usernameusername

    WR250F no spark

    kill switch is disconnected, neutral, key switch etc have all been bridged around
  3. usernameusername

    WR250F no spark

    I have an 05 wr250f which wasn't running right, so I took it to the the mechanic, and now it has no spark at all. It has a new cdi, new spark plug, new ignition coil,new magneto and a new tps. I have taken the the wiring harness out and tested it, plus I have tested all the new equipment added to the bike, yet it still won't spark. I am at wits end as I don't know why it still doesn't have a spark. I have not yet put a new voltage regulator on, as I did not think it was part of the ignition circuit. could this be the problem?