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  1. ok, all clear now thanks for the input.
  2. ok, i cant find a hotrods crank of this vintage. so curious as to why does one need to rebuild a used crank?
  3. yeah now i took a closer look and the crank actually will spin inside the bearing. is this common for a crank to wear in this spot?
  4. hey yall, i got a question about a newly acquired 94 rm250 of mine, i was going through the bike the other day, and found a bit of play in the left crank bearing when pulling up and down on the flywheel. so this is the first time i have torn down a 2 stroke engine, but i took it all appart and split the cases. mostly for experience. what i have found is that i didnt even need a case splitter, the left hand case just pulled off the crank, the crank bearing was not a press fit on the crank?? is the crank worn down where it fits to the bearing? is this where im getting play? is it supposed to be a press fit? the crank seems to be pressed into the right hand case bearing which i have not removed yet, also how to get this side out? i was hoping to find play in the bearing itself but so far the bearing feels fine? If anyone can give me a bit of insight into this it would be much apreciated as im new to all this. thanks. bike is in great shape with lots of new parts. top end looks lke a recent new rebuild. I traded for the bike so i dont have too much into it yet.