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    I have a brand new, never used oil cooler like post 4 on this: The user sold them for a while and I picked one up and never used it. Selling for $150 plus shipping. Attached Files:


  2. Hello XR fans, I recently acquired a 98 XR600R in pretty decent shape for a pretty decent price. It's plated in California, so that's a big plus. Didn't know much on the history of the bike and I needed a summer project. Naturally, I started taking it apart. I come to you asking for guidance and wisdom in my first rebuild. I'm not made of money, but I'm ok spending a little bit to get it to a good place. Here is a link to the folder of all the pictures I've taken thus far.!10292 I'll upload them to photobucket or something later as embedding skydrive pictures individually isn't working that well at the moment. So, what do ya think? -Brian