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    Steep tight single track, with Trees and Rocks.
    Two wheels and Sleds!! High altitude
  1. Vinsanity

    WR250F V. YZ250F (or "which should I get")

    Looking for the Q&A...little help?
  2. Vinsanity

    What did you do to your 250F today?

    Tore it ALL apart. Scratched cylinder, bummer. All else is well !! Big bore? stroker? HMmmmm....
  3. Vinsanity

    Can't start my YZ250f...

    yamahakid88...I guarantee you Yamaha will sell you an oem one, why does it have to be Athena or jd? Try it !! post a link if you find one for 01/02, or any other year. bet you will find only JD or Athena make mid bod gaskets as it is the only way they could sell dual spra Acc.Pump nozzles.
  4. So good with Wiseco? Much time on it? Thank you for gettin' back at me.
  5. That an Athena 290? Will look for other threads, but , Any bottom mods to support the larger piston etc? Stock 37 mm carb?
  6. Can't find any aftermarket cranks for(hot rod, Pro-x, or wiseco) 01' WR250f. Found and old 09' post talking about upgrading to an 03' crank/rod and flywheel but for yz only. As well updated oem part numbers for01/02 wr/yz. If that's the case. oem rod pin, rod bearing and rod? Oem complete set with the update. My oem has run 200+hour/ 10 years and still seem good. Might be time to part out and go newer. Just found at Lukes Racing 03'yz250f hot rods crank for 01/02 with +4.5oz flywheel, hot rods rod, top and bottom bearings,gaskets for $500 Might be the way to go
  7. Vinsanity

    01 WR250f Crankshaft replacement

    What was your conclusion ? Old post, sorry all.
  8. Good to know !!! Thanks man !!!!
  9. Vinsanity

    Can't start my YZ250f...

    Was told by an experienced mechanic, it will start and idle with no jets but the starter jet, pilot jet, pilot air jet, and fuel/pilot scew. DO NOT take apart the mid-body section, NO ONE makes a replacement gasket !!!!!!! Not JD jetting, not Athena. Had a lean idle on my 01 wr250f that was blocked pilot passage that a welding tip cleaner fixed but it would always start and run on choke. Can you pump the throttle ie AP pump and get some attempt to fire? Might be a stuck float valve.
  10. Was reading post of a grenaded motor and guys were blaming the Chinese made Wiseco and/or Hot Rods cranks. Not your experience with Hot Rods cranks I take it ? Also, do the $350 oem crank/rod not come assembled , am considering that as well. Many thanks
  11. Deciding whether to rebuild with big bore and high compression, or start fresher and newer.
  12. Vinsanity

    No Power Now for '12+ 250f?

    Got ya. Any specific product suggestions?
  13. Lifetime of the crank, basically what I am wanting to know. So if the surfaces are good and the run out on the safts pass, just press in a new rod pin? Or replace it all at x hours of time?
  14. My history is 200+ hours. Carrillo makes rods for an 01 250f ? Thank you for your input
  15. Have a 2001 wr250FN with many hours. Have done no rebuild only pipe, tuning, and free mods. What are the advantages that make it worth the 2k+ for an electric start aluminum frame ,engine improvements, etc.? Still love my bike, but now that it is in pieces and my shoulder torn up, am thinking that it could be time to say so long baby.