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    kickstart rattle/grind

    tried to undo the Phillips head bolt but it was stuck in pretty good, pb blaster didnt do much so i just took it of the shaft and noticed the splines allowed me to change the angle of the arm, and the angle it was in at first did not allow it to lock since the pipe was just barely in the way, so i put it in at a different angle and now it locks and after a quick test ride with some quick accelerations and going over bumps it hasnt knocked out of place.ill let the pb blaster sit for a day to get that other bolt out to help because i could hear the dirt in there when i moved it. thanks for the quick reply!
  2. infidel45

    kickstart rattle/grind

    i have a 97 rm 125 i picked up a while ago, its my first bike so i have alot to learn about maintenance and repairs , but ive been wrenching on cars for quite a while so know the basics of how it all works. anyways the kickstarter does not lock in all the way. it folds up and towards the pipe but can easily slide back, and it starts a rattling, kind of grinding sound. i can go easy on it and prevent that from happening but i know eventually if it isnt fixed that itll lead to big problems. i tried tightening the main bolt going into the case just a little in case it just wasnt torqued to specs, but that didnt do anything. can anyone help me diagnose what may be wrong? looking at some parts diagrams kind of explains what all is going on with the kickstarter, but im not sure. im thinking there is a ball or pin with a spring that locks it in place, but thats just a guess based on the diagram, but i still cant find out if ill have to take half the motor apart to fix it. any opinions?