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  1. chadallenmx

    Ethanol Free Fuel

    I use 88 ethanol free from the BP by my house. Mix it half and half with VP 110. Works fantastic.
  2. If you lay the bike in the side and take off the clutch cover, the z start pro is labeled right on the pressure plate. Not to sure about the exp. let me know what you find
  3. chadallenmx

    Head, Head and more Head

    Spaceboy, have you checked out fast heads out of st George, it? They do amazing work and really made my 450x and my buddies 250x breathe fire like never before!. They do everything from just valves to full bolt on kits
  4. Um, Krannie is right and was just being helpful. The tone of your response was out of line, his was not. If your looking at your Vapor to figure out when to shift you should spend more time on the bike to figure it out by feel. No bionic ears needed. If you think what anyone said here was personal or to harsh, this is def not the place to look for help.
  5. chadallenmx

    2012 CRF450X ?

    Seems like a great price to me with all the aftermarket parts added (suspension, exhaust, jetting, etc). 20 hrs isn't much. The X's have been practically the same since 08. Solid bikes with not much needed to make them race ready. Looks like this bike has it all for a great price
  6. chadallenmx

    05 crf450x e start issues

    If you had the top end apart recently double check your timing too. I had the exact same issue after a rebuild and timing was off two teeth
  7. chadallenmx

    Clutch Cover Installation

    Super easy. Lay it on its side and replace the cover. Make sure your torque the bolts to spec!
  8. Awesome! RT @FastCoDesign: 3-D printed records--for the Fisher Price record player! http://t.co/7ktJ2CDF #fb

  9. chadallenmx

    How to uncork 2009 crf450x?

    This link should get you started. Open the air box, add an aftermarket pipe, install your jd kit and you'll be ripping in no time! http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/581679-crf450x-faq-central/
  10. One of the great benefits of developing mobile specific websites is not having to worry about IE. :-)

  11. chadallenmx

    2008 450X is finally complete and ready for Utah

    Interesting Leardriver, I spoke with Dave at JD and outlined my bike setup. Their paper work states a 165 but since we ride anywhere from 4K-9K feet, he suggested a 170.
  12. James Talk - 2 Hour September 2012 DJ Mix [with competition in description] http://t.co/efKccpiu

  13. RT @joeartdotcom: I thought Romney was talking about IE users: "47% of people have a miserable experience. I don't care about them..." #fb

  14. chadallenmx

    2008 450X is finally complete and ready for Utah

    I am in salt lake city. Plug looks fantastic after a couple off rides. As far as the 19 tire, it was a direct swap off my 450r. I realize I am losing a bit of sidewall protection but figured I run the older rims first and keep the cherry stock ones as backups.