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  1. i have an 01 yz125, i just bought new plugs for it and after i put it in it will start right up and run fine, then ill put it up and turn off the gas, and if i let it set for about thirty minutes or an hour it wont start, so i pull the plug out and its gas fouled......i put another in it the same day and the same thing happened again, thats 2 plugs in one da within 8 or 10 hours...please help. i live in north carolina close to the mountains, please help...ive heard about the jetting but im not sure what jetting to put in it.
  2. KDX200
  3. so you are saying it looks good?
  4. i have an 01 yz 125, i run harescrambles so i have to have the oversized gas tank. will a stck graphic fit on my oversized tank? thanks
  5. the person i traded this for put the larger back tire and heavy duty inner tube in it, also it runs correctly. there is no clanking, rocking or anny other problems, i havent got to the carb yet, and i ill check the jetting and float height, what would you reccomend for jetting?
  6. i have an 01 yz125 i traded for, the only problem is it has a real wide 120 rear tire on it that boggs the engine down, should i buy a new set because i need a front tire too, or is there a way to fix it without? i mainly rde trails, but i do a little motocross and harescrambles
  7. ran into two squrirrels getting it on, no joke
  8. i have a 2001 yz 125. i mainly ride trails but do little motocross, i just got this bike in a trade for my old cr85. the only problem is it has a real wide 120 rear tire and it boggs the engine down. should i buy a new set of correct size tires because i need a new front tire annyway? or is there a way to fix it without? please help!!
  9. i just got it and havent got to the carb yet, but like i said when im riding, its completley normal!!
  10. ive got an 01 yz125 and when im in first gear and try to take off, it just wants to bogg down and die unless i double clutch it, but the clutch doesent slip when im riding, it has a 120 back tire, could the bigger size of my tire be the problem? please help..
  11. can someone help me, i dont know how to make a forum