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  1. tahoeds

    Is there a Beta-Talk forum?

    I just posted my '96 Techno for sale, if any of you Beta-heads know someone who wants a bike their kid can toss around. No CA green sticker, no title, price totally negotiable. I just want to see it go to a good home where someone will get as much fun out of it as I did.
  2. tahoeds

    The riding game.

    So, in my driveway?
  3. tahoeds

    Fuel Tank Removal Question

    That's a good point. I've been reading that people have issues finding ones that don't interfere with the choke knob or have the nipples in the wrong place.
  4. tahoeds

    Fuel Tank Removal Question

    Sweet. I've never dealt with a vaccum petcock before, wondered how this was all going to pan out. Wish me luck, I've never done a jet change before, but based on the instructions on here I'm sure it's going to go well with minimum cursing. Unlike the tire change.
  5. tahoeds

    Fuel Tank Removal Question

    Hi all, So I'm about to rejet my '11 400s this weekend, which requires the removal of the fuel tank. In looking at the petcock, there is no "off"position, just On, Res, and Prime. So, my question is should I run the tank down/drain it prior to removing it? Otherwise it would stand to reason that fuel is just going to come spewing out everywhere. Am I correct in thinking this, or is there something I'm missing?
  6. tahoeds

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    My (pretty much factory) DRZ on a ridge behind my house, with a very smoky Lake Tahoe in the background. And here she is getting new shoes, every girl's favorite activity