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  1. drzrider456

    drz wont start

    I found a start switch at moose racing $24 that fits the drz but would this shut the light off while starting or is that even a big deal. I said more in the post above. Here is a link to the product and you can look at the pictures to see the exact one. http://www.mooseracing.com/products/?productGroupId=1310
  2. drzrider456

    drz wont start

    The problem was for sure the starter switch contacts as you guys said. Now the 4 contacts wont touch the contact on the starter button. I either sanded it too much but I barely did or it is worn out. Now my question is can I hook up a new starter switch, but the easiest way you will have to connect the wires that control the lights on and off when starting together and that would cause the light not to shut off when starting. So would that be a problem, like would it blow a fuse, not enough juice to start it? I drive the bike just about every day so the battery is strong, but it might not have enough juice to start it with the light on... idk? To buy a new part you have to buy the whole assembly which is around $75. Thanks for the help again.
  3. drzrider456

    drz wont start

    I got it just cleaned them with sand paper. Not it just seems like there is a loose conecton with the conacts, ill look more tommorow/ put it together.
  4. drzrider456

    drz wont start

    Ok this makes sense now i took apart the switch earlier and you have 4 wires for the start switch mabey 3 cant rem now. they looked clean. How would i clean the contacts spray with wd40 or something or sand gently?
  5. drzrider456

    drz wont start

    Right now I think i have it narrowed down to the kick stand switch cause it has no continuity so im gona do the mod for the kick stand, but does that explain the headlight being out when the key is on with or without the bike running.
  6. drzrider456

    drz wont start

    The headlight is out after I tried to turn the bike on. I have tried it with the key on and with the bike running it wont turn on. The conections are good with the headlight.
  7. drzrider456

    drz wont start

    It is a 05 drz400sm. I was riding and came to a stop light and shut the bike off by turning the key off because it was getting my legs hot and had to wait a couple min. When I went to start it turned the key on, pulled in the clutch, was in neutral, kill switch was set to on, hit the button and nothing happened. Didnt turn over/stater didnt engage or make any clicks/noises or anything. Just the head light was out for some reason now and I know it was on before I shut the bike off (saw it in the car in front of me) I was able to push start it and drove home. All the lights work but the headlight and high beam light. Tried to bypass the clutch switch by unplugging the connectors under the headlight and connecting the to connectors together but that did nothing. It does have the aceribis cyclops light. The fuse is good above the battery and the battery is reads 13 volts with key on and off. All connections are tight under the headlight. Feel free to ask more questions. I dont know why it wont start. Im going to go check wiring from the battery back now and does the drz have some safety thing if the headlight goes out it wont start, doubt it but have to ask. Thanks.