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    NEED HELP WR400 Not playing the game!

    Hi, I did replaced the plug and have a strong spark, the timing is correct, the bike starts an ideas but when giving it revs it sounds like someone is chocking it. The air filter is clean too.
  2. HI PEOPLE, I NEED HELP!!! I have a WR400f 2000 Model, the engine has been rebuilt and has been going great it has hot cams and fmf pipe Bomb Header. I was ride out in the bush have been riding the bike many of times. the bike started to play up having no revs boging sound and exhaust getting hot. the bike came good but later did the same thing. now it is doing it all the time, when cold the bike heats up and if you give it a bit of revs the front head pipe will glow bright! we have since pulled the bike apart and checked clearances, auto decompression leaver, we have pulled the carby off and made sure it was clean. we also cleaned all wires. I NEED HELP!!