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  1. watts5ive

    Am I missing something with this exhaust?

    pictures? Im no expert, but the part that bolts to head can only go on one way? Wrong springs? I purchase a used exhaust for my trx 450 and the springs were wrong, exhaust was 75.00 and new springs were 12.00, just a thought.
  2. watts5ive

    2006 kx450 camshaft swap

    Sorry if this a repost I have read a lot and need a definitive answer. Is it worth to swap stock camshafts with hot cams stage 2 cams. The hot cams can be had for 200.00 and the labor is free. I rebuilt the whole engine, I put the 07 crank and gear in, CP 13.0 or 13.5 piston, every bearing is new, Leovince exhaust. Ive ridden it for a year and want just a little more out of it so I was thinking camshafts. Any input would be appreciated. thanks
  3. watts5ive

    06-08 cp piston

    Just a heads up, I found a cp piston on ebay for 149.00 dollars free shipping. The guy had two, I bought one of them. Its a m3009, they are brand new, they run around 250.00 doolars give or take. Its a 13 to 1 compression. item # 271105116727.
  4. I have a question. If I use a 2007-2008 hot rods crank, do I use the 2006 crank bearings? Im trying to get all the info I can as Im ready to put a new crank, piston in my 2006 kx450f. thanks for the help.
  5. watts5ive

    Seat cover

    Just some information if anybody is wondering. I found a great stapler at Harbor Freight for doing seat covers. The Item number is 68029. Its a 20 gauge wide crown stapler.It cost 24.99, but with a 20% off coupon its 19.99. The stapler takes Arrow t-50 staples, 1/4 inch tall works good. I tried these same staples in my Powershot stapler and they didnt even get in 1/2 way and most of them bent. The harbor freight stapler drove everyone in flush, it worked great.
  6. watts5ive

    06 kx450. swap 07-08 crank shaft assy

    Thanks for all the replies. Im going to save up and upgrade crank and piston, thanks again.
  7. watts5ive

    06 kx450. swap 07-08 crank shaft assy

    First time poster. Does anybody know what parts I need to swap 07-08 crank assy into a 06 kx450? I have read for hours and cant seem to find a definent answer on what parts I need. Should I even worry. I have been reading all the horror storys about the 06 crank problems. I bought a 06 from a guy I know and now Im worried. My friend bought from somebody else and doesnt know if motor has ever been into. There looks to be witness marks on bolts on engine, but that could just be from assembly at plant. I rode with him at the dunes and even rode the bike and it seems fine, no noises, ran very strong. should I just ride it or go into it and swap out the cranks. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.