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  1. So what would be the best bang for its buck I have gotten several four stroke exhausts but do not understand twostroke!!! exhaust.. I WANT MORE TOP END WHAT PIPE SHOULD I GET
  2. x2stroker


    bananas help
  3. My dad let me try his 06 Yami 450 I loved it after riding my 85 it was so easy just slowly roll around turns then gun the throttle over the jumps. But i wanted to know what you guys think 85 or mayb a 4 stroke 250?
  4. x2stroker

    anyone kno of any sites to get yz250 graphics??

    xgxthey can make you anything!!!!
  5. Im new to 2strokes and went up 2 a track and PA and my bike was running funny every time it hit the band no power. I was going to take it up to the local shop <dirt first> but figured I would ask first. I ended up riding my dads 450 that rocks he broke his rib and watched me wreck it once just a stupid washout and my 14 yr old self got it back up but i really want to fix my yz so if you guys could give me some suggestions that would be great thanx!
  6. x2stroker

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    u should do a white 150 like this but yamaha
  7. x2stroker

    crf150r, yz 85, ktm 110

    get a 85 with a 105 kit because honda 150 sux my friend has one and it doesnt run and ktm is hard to get parts for and yamaha get it rules
  8. x2stroker

    85 too small?

    you could get a big wheel 85 i got a yamaha grant that im 5 3 and you have to order big wheel kit its 5 inches shorter than a 450
  9. x2stroker

    Black plugs ona 2002 YZ85

    i have an 05 85 and i got it about 8 months ago at putted around and im runnig 40:1 and it hasnt fouled a plug since
  10. i hope it loads faster for psp and ps2 its slow +i wish it had 85s and 150s
  11. x2stroker

    son's first bike - suggestions?

    85 might be hard for trails so deffinately go with the ttr or drz
  12. x2stroker


    whats the status on the yz 150 fs i was just wondering + header pipe isnt enough unless its mrd
  13. x2stroker

    lets see the 85's