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  1. Quiet niggas will kill Loud niggas talk shit Them be the one's who get killed It's wild where we walk kid Is you brave nigga Is you a slave nigga Is you a made nigga Or is you a paid nigga. find us in the hood; thuggin' and regulatin' when those niggas ran, these niggas stayed With those niggas switched up and bitched up afraid My niggas clicked up and ripped up the gauge

  2. I've had the bike for about 2 years now and it still has great compression but I would like to install a JE piston kit as Preventive maintenance. (standard compression) How durable are the Crankshaft and connecting rod in these motors? I would sleep alot better at night Knowing it will never throw a rod! I was looking at Pro-x rods But the aftermarket cranks almost cost as much as I paid for the bike........
  3. And my mentality is, money orientated Ridin BMW's 365 days annual plus some,Pull up and bust one, Keepin the schwepervesence street ghetto essence inside us Cause it provides us with the proper insight to guide us, beginners in the hood as five percenters

  4. Yea I feel ya, I lost my license over the most stupid bs. The cops in my area are the highest commission paid in all of texas And write more tickets than any place I have ever lived. I have to drive make money and work a job, Since i was 16 I have been into Performace BMW's I dont speed or do burnouts on public streets,I dont have loud music. But because my car is low to the ground with rims and loud exhaust Im a criminal But i refuse to drive a mini van and stop doing what I love because these cops dont like my cars.Ive had so many ticket and have went threw and threw with these courts over harrasment,I stopped giving them money a long time ago. Ill go sit the ticket out and they can pay to feed me and ill sleep all day
  5. (I live in Texas)Well my license will be suspended for a while (car related). But when i got a ticket on my yz125,All they could charge me with is (recreational vehicles not permitted in certain areas) The bike was considered a recreational offroad vehicle and I didnt get a ticket for insurance or plates.So my question is, I know its stupid but...I can just ride around and all I have to worry about is a 90$ ticket? I dont ride on the streets much, maby just to the gas station or a mile down the street so I dont want to go threw the trouble to wire the bike for lights and get plates ect.
  6. Ive had a ticket a long time ago for my yz125 on a sidewalk or street and cost 95$ (unauthorized motor vehicle on roadway) or (recreational vehicles not permitted in certain areas) Is the bike still an off road vehicle with street tires? And if the police stop me will i just get a ticket as a recreational vehicle? Can anyone fill me in on some more info
  7. How much does it cost to get a new title and cost of title transfer?
  8. The frames look the same to me, does anyone know for sure what frames will My 03 520exc (bad wreck bent by headers). I see alot of frames for sale from $60-$400, I would like to get the lowest priced frame with no bends and use the extra money to powder coat it like new but the cheaper ones happen to be for different models.
  9. Ive always owned 2 stroke bikes and I know they dont do well with trail rides, I now own a 05 KTM 520 and live in a area with deep woods and its works perfect for climbing hills and huge tree logs and rocks but I worry about how hot the engine gets over time when your only moveing 2-8mph for a while so i shut the bike off frequently. What damage can come from this and what are some sighns of motor behavior to watch for. In What way have riders modified the radiator for this kind of use. How much of a difference does "engine Ice" radiator fluid make on cooling perfomance?