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    XT350 1987 for sale

    Hi, I'm from Vancouver. I have 1987 xt 350 , it does not run. I rebuilt it ; and not even 350km later it broke down. It's in the way and needs to get rid of it ASAP, my Uncle's yelling at me. great for parts ! Make an offer ! Jay
  2. master_jay81

    Finished my XT350...

    WOW i just finished my 87 xt350 as well!! &%$#@!ing last summer didn't pretrip oil and full throtle full speed red line to the ferry terminal till it blew . now im 90% done, ! excellent job on the black n white! i really dont care about mine as long as it takes me camping
  3. master_jay81

    XT350 1987 engine rebuild. HELP please!

    YEAAAAAAAAAA!!! XT350 is 90% done ! -new piston / piston rings -all new gaskets took the dam thing apart and put it back together with Royal Purple oil. a few more minor fixes and im back on the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's go camping!
  4. hi my name is Jay, I'm from Vancouver , Beauitful British Columbia. Recently I went on a trip and did not do a pretrip and damaged my engine. Finally after 8 months of procrastination , I've taken the engine out and apart with my friend's help. it seems to me that the only problem now is the piston rings, I'll furthur investigate for more damage. The immediate question is : "Does anyone know where I shall buy parts (gaskets, Piston Rings) ? Yamaha is too expensive! I'm searching online but not sure which is the correct one (i've never bought it online)" Any advise my fellow dual-sport riders!? The story of Vancouver to Port McNeil : I was waiting for my friends at the shop and they never showed, so I went to hang out at the pub. Next thing you know I get this phone call from friends asking where the hell I am ! So I went to meet them at the shop and everyone was lite up already! I told them I haven't done a pre-trip yet! but the crew just all rock and rolled. So I followed. Having a XT350 , I red line it pretty hard to keep up with them(Honda919/Honda750) at times. From Vancouver to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, I was almost there , Then lost power , over heat BIG TIME! , then pulled over to side, died. I let it cool and then put some oil in it , to find out there was barely any in the first place (or it was all burnt). Then I manage to push start it and rode it home. When I rode it home, there was lack of power, and if I let the Rpm go down too much it will die. There was also a few knocking sound.. the end.
  5. master_jay81

    Blew up 87 Yamaha XT350

    So my friend and I was enroute to the ferry terminal, to go to Port McNeill, Vancouver Island. I didn't do a pretrip , We met up and we rip it to the terminal. I was the last one in the pack. I red line the thing going 120km/hr , just barely catching up to the pack. 5 - 10 minutes later, it slowed to a stop. . . . . . I checked the oil window, there were no oil; only to fill another Liter to top it !!! WHO THE **** Does this !?!?! Stupid does . . . Now I have to ride my bicycle to work and back, and I'm missing all these moto-road-trips all over the places. . . . I will now spend weekend to rebuild engine. . . . let me know if anyone got advice , where to get parts , etc. I live in Vancouver
  6. Very helpful, Thank you verrrrrrrry much! So far the 87' XT350 have done me good, riding from Vancouver to Port Mcneil next weekend. Should get rear brakes done, new tires, regular check up! . There are some loose parts going around making vibrations. later on in the season if I have time I need to get the Clutch redone for next season.
  7. Yea! Bought a 1987 XT350 , over paid , then fixed the oil leak , drained the front brakes , cleaned the carb , new battery , fixed the lights , oil change , lots more work done. I need some advice from fellow riders! 1.) I havn't really looked, I dont own an manual; Where is the Oil Filter ! ? I need to change . 2.) I've heard bad things about stock forks, o well; How many Psi shall I pump in it ! ? 3.) heard of the Swing Arm Grease Nipple, I'm sure I can find it; give me a heads up? This forum is awesome! Thank you in advance