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  1. Wow that looks good man!
  2. What do you mean the first sticky?
  3. No seals are fairly new
  4. My sags at 4 inches u think that's normal, I ride mostly little sx style tracks one thing I notice when I'm riding is the bounce the bike has when I land, and after I land a double for instance I can barely ever make the next corner without sliding over the berm, in sure that's some rider error but I don't think its all me
  5. I have an 07 KTM sxf250 and I want to know how to set up my suspension, I don't really know anything about doing it so if someone could help that would be great, I weigh 160, also I'm running about 12 psi in the rear not sure what the front tire should be at
  6. Not with powder coat, you have to bake it on so you can't tape it or anything
  7. You could powder coat them I think but you wouldn't want that stuff flaking off on the inside of your covers
  8. I also used a paint stripper then went the extra mile and polished both clutch and stator cover, it does require a little upkeep, gotta polish them every so often but it looks sick
  9. So its not dual overhead can?
  10. Im not sure about the coolant seal, do you know if the cams are in time?
  11. Rebuilt from top to bottom, new plastic, seat, bars, graphics, etc how's she look?
  12. Yes the bike will run if your one tooth off, not well but you can get it started. The slapping sound your hearing is a good chance its the valves just barely hitting the top of the piston
  13. If your talking about the hex head that locks the crank tdc you should be able to thread it all the way in after you take off the washer, you'll know by looking through the spark plug hole if its up of not, also lightly try to turn the motor over with the kick start using your hand if it won't budge your good, then you can check your timing marks on the cams
  14. i also have a 07 sxf250 that is leaking oil from the left side stator, i have gotten multiple answers on it, take off the cover and take a look at the oil pump cover, if you remove those 2 screws theres a rubber o ring behind it that seems to be where mines leaking from, let me know if youve found anything else out about it