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  1. I dunno... I think boring holes in your handle bars to fill them up with 250 degree coolant is just about as dumb as it gets... LOL Beats out tire and oil threads by a hundert... at least !
  2. I got the $14.95 plan that you can turn off and on at will. Paid like $80 all year last year.... and nothing the year before when I was off the bike for shoulder injury. I like that.
  3. California

    I dunno... last time I was over there you weren't home and some lady came out and shooed me away... said your garage was already full of freebies and we all needed to stop coming around. I was humiliated.
  4. California

    Refurbished my buddies hubs... New bearings, seals, rims, spokels and nipplets... all in flatbiller black. I even spray painted the inner bearing spacer black just in case.
  5. You should be able to get all of these on there if you were happy with the fit of the 2014s. SX & SXF 2011 through 2012. XCW & EXC 2012 through 2013 Same SX & SXF 2013 through 2015. XCW & EXC 2014 through 2016 Same
  6. My data is free... but I want a refund anyway. This video is more exciting.
  7. You have 2013 and up plastics on there now... just reorder... any 2013 to 2015 will fit the same as those do.
  8. You know you have achieved pure TT Chi when you see those greyed out lines and smile with satisfaction rather than giving in and opening them in shameful weakness.
  9. Ignore feature is a beautiful thing. You guys have the power to alter this thread completely. Its like being your own moderator. One click eliminates dozens of annoying pages.
  10. Need to stop... Dont touch it... Work with manufacturer till resolved... Stay calm and patient... Don't fight... Appeal their human side... Be the one guy they want to help... And forget the dealer... You have to be calm but relentless with the factory. Best of luck...
  11. Lectron is an over priced and unnecessary mod caused by KTM not taking an interest in dialing in the Mikuni. I blame KTM and I am a KTM fan. Maybe toss on a Keihin but throwing money in the air for an experimental carb that ends your ability to tune the circuits individually is born out of consumer desperation. I feel bad for folks that go down that road. Lectron... Only carb that gets sold twice... 6 out of 10 times... imho
  12. It was always a tyre thread... Isn't that the definition of full retard ?
  13. You talking about this bike ? Last year any plastics fit that bike is 2011. That doesnt have 2014 plastics on it.
  14. I know 4-5 guys that got them through insurance. Maybe it's a trend to not do it anymore. Bottomline should always check first.
  15. But many folks can get a prescription for them and pay with insurance. It pays to check with your doctor and insurance co before spending hundreds on aftermarket.