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  1. california

    I'd snap one of those suckers in half... only rated for 600 lbs. And they are pretty skinny too.
  2. California

    If thats your attempt at getting it installed then you are &%$#@!ed ! LOLOLOLOL
  3. California

    Got one left... Sell that fancy schmancy clakenhiemer and you would have the dough.
  4. California

    HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU GUYS ! My pops had a rough week... After conquering cancer for the second time in 5 years... being told it's inoperable and radiation was his only hope... getting clean scans and kicking it AGAIN... but he is a little weak and wobbly and takes a clumsy header while going to the door for the fedex lady. Ends up in the hospital... surgery... plates and screws in his lower leg... and the guy just keeps on going. Love my Dad... heading over to AZ to get the house Fred ready as he'll need a wheel chair for a couple months. Bad break and recent cancer treatments gonna make recovery slow. BUT I STILL GOT MY DAD... SO HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO FRED SCHULTZ ! Father of three... Navy Submarine Vet... Retired Police Officer... Hot Rod Builder... half ass golfer... and all around good guy ! About 16 years old and full of vinegar is how his momma (Grandma Schultz) used to describe him.
  5. California

    Oh shit... you fell down... ripped off your left hand guard and bent your clutch levers into a pretzel... LOL
  6. I just started riding again the past couple months... I'm twice your age and fighting the lack of stamina from being off the bike for almost two years for medical.... need lots of seat time now to get my endurance back up... but the good news is like you I am really good at it too. In fact, I am quite the baddass. I haven't wanted to bother with my old riding buddies cause I am so much better than them even in my reduced stamina state that I might lose them as friends. Egos can be so fragile you know. Maybe we should get together and ride really well together. I'll send you my number.
  7. california

    You look like a qwad rider You think like a qwad rider You are just silly
  8. california

    Tri Fold ATV ramps are way too small and too short and about half the weight rating. Tractors are almost too wide for the trailer... atv ramps would never work. But it's settled. Ramps are on the way.
  9. california

    Finally found ramps rated for what I need at etrailer. Biggest problem was finding affordable / light weight ramps rated for the weight of the tractors considering that the front is a single ramp load and not shared by two ramps like the rear. I can have anything I want for $600 but I wasn't into that for ramps I'll use once or twice a year when I need to load both tractors. I don't like ramps hence the reason I ponied up for the tilt bed in the first place so I have no desire to build ramps into my trailer. I found what looks like simple foldable aluminum motorcycle ramps on steroids. No one else had them... and etrailer is the only company that would sell a single ramp so I could buy the three I need. Each rated at 1500 lbs. Perfect. Could use these for a car.... the Rhino... but easy enough to toss around that they make a real stable bike ramp to0... street bikes or dirt bikes. Paid $350... free shipping and no sales tax... win win win. Problem solved... see you at the PARADE !
  10. california

    Nah... if one rear tire slipped could be disastrous.
  11. california

    Once the first tractor is loaded I am a flat bed. Need ramps to load the second tractor. I can dig a loading ditch at home to back the trailer into... but once in town I gotta deal with off loading in a parking lot. Trust me ramping my tilt bed pisses me off... but it is what it is.
  12. california

    Anyone got a line on good loading ramps. Harbor Freight ain't got chit. Looking for something aluminum... rated about 1500 pounds ea... Need three of them cause my tractors are tripods. Most seem to come in twos and I would have to buy 4 ramps at about $600. $480 if I buy 4 from discount ramps and take advantage of their Fathers day sale. Used is OK as long as they are good quality. Any ideas let me know. Thanks !
  13. california

    My best stunt of the day came this evening... I was measuring the trailer... walking backwards tripped over the rear light pod... bounced off the dovetail face first and flopped onto the driveway and scooped gravel up my ass. I was like YEAH... IM BACK BITCHES... I BOUNCE AGAIN !
  14. He's just a friend now... I cut him off. He slurps his noodles. Was embarrassing.
  15. California

    You were a foot shorter then... musta been a couple weeks ago eh ?