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  1. Didnt ask
  2. F ck the Seagulls.....
  3. Honda is too conservative... doesn't ever wanna rock the boat (Auto market too important to them)... would close the dirt bike division in America before pissing off regulators... and has never built a competitive dirt bike that they would wanna have to warranty for road use. Yamaha similar mindset. KTM has to deal with European regulators anyway... makes our EPA a walk in the park. imho
  4. Spoke to Jay over at Hyde yeserdee... he still going on about having a great ride with you guys at YPL... called it KOM Training... and something about some dudes steaming pile of KTM ? LOLOLOL Sorry Wolfie
  5. You sure... that bike doesn't look a day over 8-9 years old ?
  6. Unfortunately for the Jap makers they are not coming out with new dual sports at all... they are just letting green sticker bikes slip into red sticker status cause it's cheaper than bothering with CARB. They got 49 other states they don;t need to bust their own balls for one. We are paying the price for an over regulated state... again. KTM has also determined why bother with green sticker bikes for one state when they are marketing world wide... and they sell $13000 plated dirt bikes no problem. Costs them a few bucks more to go plated over green sticker as far as the red tape goes... so why spend a bunch of money on hassling with CARB to get green sticker status when for a few bucks more they have a plate. So KTM drops green sticker bikes then the japanese makers don't think they need them either cause there is no KTM green sticker bike to compete with. I think this will lead to more dual sport sales to traditionally green sticker bike buyers though... and Yamaha & Honda will feel it in lost sales since they won't step up with a plate. imho
  7. My bikes all sat so looooooong I went down to Harbor Freight and picked up a few cheap ass bike stands just so I wouldn't flat spotted my inder toobs. I had one bike on Tubliss... this is what happened from sitting 19 months.
  8. Yup... you just get to choose your color... orange or pink.
  9. I use a multi weight like 10W-30. Lighter at the bottom of the hill for faster take offs and more momentum.
  10. Dirt bike porn... mmmm...
  11. Jus a baby poke...