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  1. The more users the more State Green Sticker Grant dollars the USFS can make a case for. They love the SXS usersright now because it' the fastest growing OHV sector... brings up the user numbers. Won't be changing unless the grants dry up. Then they will change their tune and make excuses to box them in and regulate them out. It's all about a revenue stream. No cash... they won't wanna manage it for free. It's all math.
  2. Maybe... but I don't have to use the Diaper Cycle on the washing machine on my riding clothes after every ride.
  3. Its ok... I hear he collects it.
  4. Thats some badass TRASH TALK-in right there... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Who'd have known Jamie Nancy Rita was an old cat lady ?
  5. Actually. that's all Hollywood does is TRICKS... or you wouldn't have a job and Tom Cruise would have to learn how to ride a bike without twistin his wittle ankle. Real men don't need RAMPS !
  6. I think that's where they find their support... but I still believe the real motivation is self existence of the bureaucracy... nothing more.
  7. I'm thrilled for him (us)... no more which bike should I buy threads... no more blaming the bike threads... no ride reports that turn into a rescue mission story... I think that $13000 was WELL SPENT ! Almost a public service. LOL
  8. They don't care about a few dirt bikes from out of state. They care about the many red sticker locals that abuse the non resident program to ride off season. But there is already solutions for that... If the guy has a CA DL he gets a ticket for misuse of registration. No new rules needed. The reason they bother with this stuff is because CARB's job has largely been done since the 1980s. If you lived in CA in the 60s & 70s you know CARB helped clean up this states air in a BIG WAY. But now they do what all bureaucracies do... they make busy work to justify their existence and maintain their funding. They are now more concerned with the growth and sustenance of their agency/department than the original mission.
  9. Have the same one... that Fox Airframe has served me very well. Even though I jacked my shoulder up wearing it... doc says I would have shattered my shoulder beyond any meaningful repair had I not been wearing it. Might try the Leatt next time... but I'd never hesitate to recommend the Fox.
  10. Hate to say it... but Frankie made me blush.
  11. Sexiness
  12. So my gut and Riddler were both right... hell has not frozen over... and it was all #fakenews.
  13. I wanna believe it... but 12 threads and 3 years later it's hard to. Anyone actually seen the purchase contract ? Congrats Frankie
  14. Laughing ? No, I don't recall any laughing... is that a common experience for you ?
  15. Applies to the ladies too... I've always explained that they only deserve as much as they can swallow.