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  1. Thats funny ... so who's doing all the PMing ? The ones crying to stop picking on them... or the one's that wanna hide behind your skirt and have you do their dirty work for them... or BOTH... LOL This place hit a new low in manliness when someone started a shit talking thread a few weeks back and started crying about getting picked on for a week... it's done... goose cooked... balls in the purse... weenies all shriveled now. No new transminded, post millennial generation will ever know what it was to have a man in the house or what home cooking tasted like. IT'S OVER !
  2. The guy gets off his bike for a living... LOL
  3. Pics or it didn't happen.
  4. I prefer going up to going down any day. Brakes work better going up. LOL We would all be fans if he had a personality you could tolerate for a few seconds even. Jimmy knows it... I ain't being mean or hurting his feelings. He's a practiced dick. I still like him though. LOL
  5. California

    She's a Jeeper now... took Yolanda all the way to El Centro for her birthday present... 10 hour day... daaaaamn... but she loves it.... and the guy that set it up for his daughter did a nice job. His daughter didn't like the ride compared to her Lexus... so we gots it.
  6. Dave you are HOOKED UP... can you fix parking tickets ?
  7. Fankie is playing the long game... ba-dump-bump
  8. Well I like him... so meebe.
  9. He went from a double smoker garage to one of each.
  10. My buddy bought a Husaberg and went white plastics and blue hoops too.. Looks fantastic. Before After
  11. California

    Wait... were you drunk... or saying I was drunk... LOLOLOL
  12. California

    That's not horrible... just over a year since manufacturing. Newer the better of course... they start to get grey and then tear knobs easier as they age. And you got a deal so I guess it averages out.
  13. California

    They should have a four digit heat stamp somewhere on the sidewall... 2 digit week and 2 digit year. That will let you know you are good. All new Goldentyres have the new white logo on one side. No logo and it's not the new Gen 5 stuff. New factory... new rubber compounds... new lighter carcass. They were good before... better now with Gen 5.