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  1. Camera is doing a pretty nice job given its night time.
  2. Gorman can be pretty fun on a Tuesday or Wednesday around 8am after a few days of good rain and a day or two for it to soak in. Timing is everything.
  3. Nobody gets free tires from me... cash is even sexier... lol
  4. HaHa... I get so lost in the she/her comments around here I just assumed daughter meant son... LOL It's Thumpertalks fault... LOL
  5. Are there any remnants of Powroll left... I use them back in 1980.. looked for them a couple times in the last 20 years... seemed like they went away ? TT has a thread since the last time I went looking. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1220226-what-is-powroll-called-now/ =================== Don't find a website... but their Powroll Fakebook page says they are Out of Business ? https://www.facebook.com/pg/Powroll-Motor-Performance-143457245732920/about/?ref=page_internal So as always I can't tell whats going on ? =================== EDIT: After this read I guess they are closed for me whether they answer the phone or not. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1292440-parts-are-back-home/
  6. Trees dont kill people... bad riding kills people.
  7. @Rich_K Cool dude.. good to meet cha
  8. I was just horsing around... Look for my van... but I'll be hauling a KTM Smoker. Should be there by noon Friday.
  9. The fact that this is now the most popular thread in CA Reg really does say something about us. Can't blame this one on Tigger.
  10. Never gonna happen in my world. In my world the 99.9% doesn't cater to the 0.01%. Everyone with respect. Not like the old days when everyone just called them freaks. But I'll be damned if I'll ever refer to anyone as they/them.
  11. I was kinda hoping Bastistics Chris was coming.
  12. Taking off today or very early tomorrow... will be a group of us in the Troy Campground... feel free to join in. My rig...
  13. You can accuse me of being Politically correct on this one... I'll accept that BBs existence triggers me... you can even call me AOC if you like... but racist not. I don't dislike you for being Mexican.
  14. So its ok to insult a group of people for looking effeminate rather than Asian. Got it. I'll try to remember which of BBs feel good thread derogatory stereotypes and insults are deemed socially acceptable in the future.
  15. Yup... The days of open hooks either ens is over... Soft ties and carabiners.
  16. "soy boy" Nice... Haven't seen an ignorant racial slur like that in some time. You win Douche of the YEAR AWARD today !
  17. You have your winner... I can't imagine why you'd entertain changing. I on the other hand have to relate experiences from one tire to another and in different environments and riding conditions and rider skills and riding styles to be of any value to my clients. I ask a lot of questions... probe and prod to get honest feedback. It helps me gauge where tires fit best and for whom... and how different tires compare to one another... and when and why that might matter to a particular rider. I think it also helps the internet crowd who reads these chit chats so that they too can gauge what they think might work well for themselves. You and I are just two names on a screen... but I think our engagement helps others make up their own minds. Since I sell them all... it only matters to me personally to give feedback to my clients that will best fit a tire to a rider. That's it. I have no tire agenda other than fitting the right tire for the right guy. This approach seems to work pretty well.
  18. Is it true... have you bailed on the ride ? Do I owe Tigger his $500 ? Simple Yes or No will do. Thanks
  19. A little tough love: I've lead the charge to call out the inappropriate bullshit that went on here. But I still don't think you see the level of crap you stir with your over the top bravado and bullshit. You dig it up... stir it up... you are an antagonist and never ending projector of bad vib at times. Winning at any cost. So even though I called some of these pricks out for not understanding where the obvious line is you made yourself that target. Just dial it the &%$#@! back 6 inches and you are everybody's pal. Ignore this advise and continue to have issues with people here and elsewhere. You and I both know this isn't the only venue that you find yourself in these circumstances. That's all I'm gonna say on the subject. But I feel pretty confident I've got this on lock. Hope you guys turn this into something fun. FYI - Keep your $500. I was never gonna accept it. But if Riddler defaults I'll honor my commitment. A bets a bet.
  20. I service racers primarily... I agree with you for the RMATV crowd... but my clients are a bit more sophisticated in the evaluation of products. The GT333 is not a gummy... and the IRC M5B would last a hell of alot longer if they had not gone gummy with the new EVO version. It was king here too until they gummed it down. Gummy is over marketed and over used by consumers. Total tire build matters. Gummy rubber alone is meaningless and is just the latest trend to sell products. Anyone that thinks this new Gummy Recon at $59 is the be-all-end-all to tire solutions is on crack. But cheap skates will defend their new favorite tires to death. It's made Shinko a house hold name.
  21. The weight difference between a thin MX tube 1.5mm and a HD 3mm or UHD 4mm offroad tube is POUNDS... and on the wheels can be felt on any bike.
  22. No... you could wreck it in one hard day in Utah. Have to be one baddass race to wreck it in one race. Could happen though.
  23. Varies dramatically by brand. They should not publish numbers without showing the weight differences in the 5 top sellers.
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