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  1. Dr. Mark, 

    Thank you for what you do here! I am 47 and don't want to stop racing 6 2 and 210 lbs, could be more fit but I can finish an enduro in the B class. The problem is I can barely walk for days afterwards, forget about getting out of a chair or climbing stairs. I travel by car a lot, I believe this has caused imbalance in my leg muscles and my legs want to pronate. Went to an Ortho this morning and his nurse wasn't even smart enough to take my blood pressure correctly. He was ok but like the others I have seen, only seems to want to deal with the big-ticket need- surgery-now patients. My kneecap cartilage is deteriorating and my caps are out of alignment (see xrays from today below) and bone spurs are forming. I asked him to inject cortisone into both knees, it helped the sharp pain but they are aching now. I want to fix this, what are my options? 


    knee left.jpg

    knee right.jpg

    1. DrMark


      From what I can see, there is arthritis in the right knee, and probably the left knee.  There are no options until the correct diagnosis can be established.  It takes more than a casual glance and X-ray.  What part of the world are you from?


      If your in Texas, you should visit me.

    2. Bark3rd


      If you are in Network for United HC, I'm in .


      I live in Fort Worth area


    3. Bark3rd


      Found out UNC out of network, daingit!


  2. If your forks are knifing in then you can either stiffen the comp, speed up the rebound, lower the forks in the clamps, increase rear shock sag or a combo these things. Think: after braking, front wheel isn't extending back fast enough to bite and it is just sliding. Get it to rebound too fast though and you will drift outside. If the forks want to just wash out & frt feels light (blowing to the outside of the corner) then try the opposite of these choices....
  3. "harewind" and "tree racing" lol, you need to get out more....
  4. Thanks for the input guys. The KLX has a spot on the throttle housing for a limiter screw. I'm going to back it down until she get more used to the additional power of this bike. It does come on quite a bit sooner than the PW.
  5. Long story short: At 46 yrs old, riding and racing has been my passion since I could balance on 2 wheels. My children have had a professional riding coach since they were very young, me. We just celebrated my daughter's 10th birthday with a very nice KLX 110, finally saying goodbye to the PW she had so many hours on since age 4. First ride, exactly as I expected, the bike fit her perfectly-even the suspension seemed custom valved for her as she confidently zipped around the field behind our house. The easy power delivery and semi-auto trans was what she was accustomed to, just a little more bottom end (her PW was pretty fast). She has had many, many hours riding a semi-auto trans bike, her 12 year old brother can barely keep up with her on the sugar-sandy kids MX track they practice on. The second day we had the KLX, I handed it over to her for a quick ride. For some horrible and unforeseen reason, she held it wide open as soon as she sat on it, careened off of a 2' drop off and nailed a 6x6 pole (the only object next to a large field). As soon as she hit the ground, in shock she was saying "I'm OK, I'm Ok, over and over. It was truly traumatic. Thanks to God she hit the pole on her right side, 6" to the right and things may have been very, very different. She was dazed and very frightened, and in a lot of pain. My heart broke into a million pieces seeing my precious daughter in this situation, I can't stop re-living the accident. She is badly bruised on her thigh and arm, thankfully we have no serious injuries. I don't know how I should feel about this, I know sooner or later both of my kids (my 12 year old son now is racing the kids enduro course) will crash and be injured, but this particular crash was very violent and upsetting. I don't know if I can handle seeing her injured again like this because of "Daddy's" obsession with dirt bikes. She loves it just as much, but I am responsible for her involvement in the sport. I would be grateful for any Dads out there who may have some wisdom for me having had a similar experience. I am considering keeping my daughter off the bikes for good.
  6. Getting hard onto the brakes yesterday racing XC I got a lot of drive chain chatter-i didnt seem right .It was choppy out there and we were on the gas but the sound was distracting. Maybe i need better chain guides/etc? It's all stock Any ideas would be appreciated, the noise is very distracting when I am trying to go max speed. Its a good quality O ring chain, all other guide bits are in good shape
  7. The 70 mph wheelie after the start? The beeping while airborne at 18:50? You sir, are a bad ass! That was awesome. I miss racing FTR, way back in the beginner class (05-06) the vintage A guys would always catch us. So fun!
  8. Bark3rd

    Riding tips that have helped you.

    Negative ghost rider. Any B rider or above will be on the brakes and the gas at the same time in many situations, a good example for me is when I come into whoops hot and start swapping- I stay on the gas and drag the back brake to straighten out. Thus- "somewhere in between gas and brakes" I also wasn't advocating coasting in my original post, I meant that if I don't stay mindful of it, I can catch myself coasting a bit during a race.
  9. Bark3rd

    Riding tips that have helped you.

    #1 tip that helped me and i think about it during every enduro when I start to get sloppy: when exiting corners, choose the point at which you begin to apply throttle (should be as you are releasing brakes) and roll it on, no matter what. Before I became aware of this I did what I see many other riders doing; blipping the throttle multiple times on corner exit. When you are on/off the throttle in a corner the bike gets upset and doesn't hold the line nearly as well. Try this, I bet many of you aren't committed to rolling on throttle smoothly on exit and don't realize it. And don't coast-I always have to be aware of this on long enduros as well when I am alone in the woods with no one in front or behind to pace with. (Ex: long straightaway with entrance back into woods at end of straight. If I don't think about staying on the gas until the last possible second, I will coast into the braking zone) You should be on the gas, on the brakes, or somewhere in between. Both of these tips are way easier said than done 60 miles into a rainy enduro!
  10. Bark3rd

    Fails Of 2014 - Enduro Fail Compilation

    Good vids man! The fail vid makes you look like a beginner but your other vids say otherwise!
  11. Bark3rd

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    I've always liked the idea of confusing others with swapped brand decals, pretty funny! I had to stare at it for a min to figure out what was going on, at first the frame fooled me because it looks like a late 80s RM frame (blue). Cool bike.
  12. Bark3rd

    Knee pain

    I will contact your office today, thank you.
  13. Bark3rd

    Knee pain

    Dr. Mark, I am really hoping that you can shed some light on my condition. I am a 44 yr old Enduro B rider, I have raced every other weekend for the past 10 years until recently. I have developed pain in my right knee, it feels like a nail is being stuck through it when I climb stairs or otherwise get it anywhere close to fully bent. I have never torn anything or been diagnosed with any of the typical knee injuries, it just freaking hurts (concentrated on the front side). I went to an Orthopoedic Dr. who took Xrays and said my knee was fine, no signs of injury or other issues, maybe some slight arthritis. He gave me some arthritis pills which helped some at first but they seem to be just a bandaid for something mechanical that needs to be addressed. I believe this problem became aggravated when I switched bikes to one that has a relatively close footpeg to seat distance (its a GG, and I'm 6;2"). I have since changed the footpegs to Fastway lowboys but have only had one race on them. It has been about 2 months since my last ride and the pain has not gone away much at all. One thing that may be related is the fact that I have a fairly sedentary work life, suit and tie stuff with lots of driving and very little exercise punctuated periodically with a brutal enduro. I place well at the races and don't get overly tired but I have the feeling that I punish a body that is not really acclimated to such abuse without the required conditioning. If you have any ideas where to start with this problem I would very much appreciate it.
  14. Bark3rd

    GasGas ?

    I love my Gasser. Here's a clip from the enduro I raced last weekend. Look at the terrain and how stable the bike is over the rocks and how quickly it changes direction. I'm 44 years old and a terrible rider, this bike helps me a lot (2011 EC 300)!
  15. Bark3rd

    Fantic Motor 125,200,250,300 2T coming soon

    These aren't "dressed up Gas Gas" bikes, the 250 and the 300 have Gasser engines and rear fenders, everything else is unique to Fantic.