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  1. im rebuilding the engine on my 1986 yz 80 (1lr model engine), when i put the case's together tight how there ment to be the the crank is very hard to turn! if i lossen the bolt a fraction it turns fine! the engine never had a center gasket inbetween the 2 cases! its almost asif it needs a gasket to make it have enough clearence to move freely! i cant find anywhere that sells them so think its a liquid gasket from new! anything else that could be causing this?
  2. no1toker

    strange behavior in 5th on yzf 426

    thats a b******d! does seem abit like that
  3. no1toker

    strange behavior in 5th on yzf 426

    same gearing and runs perfectly in all other gears its just fifth! its boggled my brain tryin 2 think what it could be
  4. hi guys had the bike a few weeks not really rode it until today! basically 1-4 gears are fine pull like a train 5th at quarter throttle if fine but any more than that its power then like quarter of the power then back to full power and so on, its had a light horn indicators put on before i had the bike! it seems like brain of the bike is not letting spark correctly or summat in fifth... could this be because its been converted to b able to use on the road and jus ment to have half power in 5th so that the engine doesn't get killed ??? any advice will help loads
  5. no1toker

    decompression oil leak 426

    all sorted now got 1 off the parts store on tt
  6. hi all 1st post on this forum! i have a yz426f it has a slight oil leak from the decompression toggle thingy! my question is does any1 know where i can get a new seal from? prefferably online! im in bristol, uk any help would be brilliant