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  1. Dannyboy69

    2008 crf 250 not starting

    yep, it is, ill check all thanks
  2. Dannyboy69

    2008 crf 250 not starting

    thanks guys
  3. Dannyboy69

    2008 crf 250 not starting

    I bought a crf and for the first few days its was hard enough to start but i managed it, now it takes hundreds of hard kicks to get it started and then soon after it just cuts out, i do the choke and petrol and all that buts its still not starting, its been seven hours since a full rebuild, it has 'ti pro circuit 4' exhaust on it, and the jets are done to suit the pipes, i had the card cleaned out and put in a new spark plug. what could it be? help please!
  4. Dannyboy69

    crf cutting out?

    i only recently bought it, i cleaned the carburator and it was pretty dirty and it started to sound much better and rode much better, there is seven hours on a fresh rebuild, the gas is clean and i took out the tank and cleaned that as well, the person i bought it of said he wasnt getting to ride it much so it probly was sitting, thanks
  5. Dannyboy69

    crf cutting out?

    My 08 crf 250 gets it very hard to start and when i get it started i normally bring it for a easy drive to warm it up, it then starts to splutter and then cuts out and it's extremely hard to get started i normally end up pushing it back to the shed, whats wrong with it?
  6. Dannyboy69

    Honda Crf 250

    Thanks 08, Its a pro circuit ti 4 system came with the bike, i got a great deal
  7. Dannyboy69

    Honda Crf 250

  8. Dannyboy69

    Honda Crf 250

    Hi Everyone, I have bought a second hand crf 250, every time i pull in the clutch and put it into first gear in jumps forward and cuts out, then i give it a small amount of revs before i put it into first and let of the clutch then its goes, Is this normal or do I need to tighting the clutch cord or something? Thanks