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  1. Do you see smoke out the exhaust? With a Lectron tuned there will be very little smoke.
  2. You are probably still rich. Lean it till you need choke for cold start.
  3. The foam is durable and of good quality. In two years I have only managed a slight scuff.
  4. Buy a trials bike. Weight goes way down technique goes way up.
  5. The repair manual is still availible thru Suzuki. Most parts are too but some are expensive.
  6. Looks like a new bike! What motor is that?
  7. Been a while.
  8. That's the Gospel. And a very good argument for Trials bike ownership and participation in trials events. Way less injuries and the bike is always more capable than the rider. Lot of 2t bikes.
  9. Good lookin ride. Sounds like you need to tone down the power. Slow throttle tube, Thicker base gasket, Sprocket change, Clutch adjusted to slip a little. As for the bars, imo the best choice would have been to leave the sherco bars alone and replace the bars on the hussy wih a trials bend. Ride the sherco for a few months and then get on your enduro and you will defnately see improvement immediately.
  10. Rebuild them brakes. Both masters and calipers. Thats the only way to assure trouble free operation. Jitsie offers 'Race' pads that are harder and resist squealing.
  11. It should be noted that Beta USA has outstanding Customer Service.
  12. They should bring back open class 2t in mx. If not for the 4t invasion, mx would have already seen 650-700ccs by now.
  13. 2t diesel shines in trains and ships.
  14. You mean power jokes. Speaking of Diesels, the 2t/4t debate can go a bit further. 2t diesels are much stronger engines.
  15. With 17's you can forget trials tires, but you could put trials on the stockers and switch when you want. Good looking rig! You have come close to a Reflex.