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  1. Tugsy

    China Wall, Sunday, June 30, 8:30 am

    Yes was me on the new KTM. Funny did not know anyone on Yamaha trying to catch up. Good trail and yes that hill with rocks we call " Intiation Hill ". we leave from Soda Springs and haed up it every time. If people can make it I tell them to turn around and go home.
  2. Tugsy

    China Wall, Sunday, June 30, 8:30 am

    Was that you I saw>>>>3 riders you met in middle of second section,,,,one Husaberg and two KTM's
  3. They start with the MTB's and then come after us. If any of you know this trail please help. Dear friends, mt. bikers and Tahoe-Sierra 59/100 racers, We need your help. The Tahoe-Sierra 59/100 is in jeopardy of being eliminated due to the efforts of a secretive equestrian group that does not want bicycles or OHV's on the Western States Trail in the Tahoe National Forest. They have been hammering on the USFS and District 4 Congressman Tom McClintock's office, and we were just informed that the USFS will not issue Global Biorhythm Events a permit for the 2013 race if the course uses the Western States Trail (WST). Making matters more frustrating is we have been unsuccessful in getting a meeting with all parties represented at the table, but we understand the equestrians have met with the Foresthill District Ranger more than once to plead their case. This is unacceptable to us. The District Ranger, who has been an ally to GBE in the past, has caved to the equestrians without hearing from the mountain bike community. The USFS recommends we reroute the course, which we will not do. If we give-in here, mountain bikers will ultimately lose access to the WST, which has been multi-use-legal for 30+ years. The equestrians are playing the "safety card" and stressing how dangerous it is for bicycles to be on the trail, pointing to the unfortunate accident that happened during last year's race at the bottom of Francisco's fire road. We have been working diligently to make sure decision makers understand the truth surrounding this accident, but it hasn't changed the outcome thus far. Now we ask for your help. Please take a moment to call or email the following people with your heartfelt thoughts about this injustice. Please do this right away. In order to ensure that the 2013 Tahoe-Sierra Race happens, we need to get the permit soon, so that we can focus on organizing everything that goes into making the Tahoe-Sierra a premier endurance event. Thank you for your support! These are the folks you need to send your email to. DO THIS TODAY!!! Randy Moore (Regional Forester, Pacific Southwest Region): rmoore@fs.fed.us 707-562-9000 Roseanna Wary (Special Assistant to Rancy Moore): rwary@fs.fed.us 707-562-9000 Chris Fischer (District Ranger, American River): cfischer@fs.fed.us 530-367-2224 Mo Tebbe (District Ranger, American River): mtebbe@fs.fed.us Mary Sullivan (American River Ranger District): mcsullivan@fs.fed.us 530-367-2224 SAMPLE LETTER While personalized emails are always best, if all you have time for is to copy/paste something to the key USFS people, please use this below (feel free to edit it if need be): Email Subject: I support mountain biking on the Western States Trail and request open discussion about potential changes in policy Dear Forest Service, I am a mountain biker that supports sharing trails on public lands. Mountain biking has been an acceptable use on the Western States Trail for more than 30 years, making mountain bikers a historical user group. Banning mountain biking from the Western States Trail in the Tahoe National Forest and/or denying Global Biorhythm Events a permit to conduct the Tahoe-Sierra Endurance Race on parts of the Western States Trail is unnecessary, unwarranted and unacceptable. If there is truly a safety issue, let's see the statistics and let's work on a solution together. One user group with an exclusionary agenda cannot and should not dictate USFS policy without including other affected user groups in the decision making process. Blanket bans do not work and only create more animosity and problems for the trail stakeholders and those charged with managing the trail system. We need to be a united trails community, working together to maintain and protect our trail system in the Tahoe National Forest, including the historic Western States Trail. Whether it's a bicycle event (Tahoe-Sierra), an equestrian event (Tevis Cup), or a running event (Western States 100), the Western States Trail can be shared safely every day, including race day. I ask you to meet with stakeholders from all interested parties, together, and resolve this issue immediately. Thank you, <your name>
  4. Tugsy

    2007 TC510

    Chi2, Got it in this forum from someone not using it.
  5. Tugsy

    2007 TC510

    I have an 06 TC 450 parts from Halls Cycles, Taskys, or Motoxotica I have Headlight with stock coil, ran wire from harness under tank to Headlight Electric start on mine, had to buy kit and install> Kits are about 500 bucks and you have to remove clutch basket and put anither gear in the right side cover. Not a big deal. Bikes ahve spot for battery under seat and all the wiring comes with kit or on the bike. Forks are 50mm and need to be soften up for woods. Great fork once trevalved. Ohlins is awesome in the rear!
  6. Tugsy

    McClintock Land Management Hearing Link

    Best video I have seen in a long time. Love how Level 3 roads are safer because dirt bikes are not on them. How about if there are car accidents on those roads ...does that mean they will be closed to all traffic?
  7. Tugsy

    Good report on the 310

    If he was so bummed he would let hom do a clothing and helmet contract on his own....silly to be so petty with a rider who has done more to put the Husky brand back on the map than he has.
  8. Tugsy

    Anyone have Easton EXP Bars? Trouble?

    I give....is at Honda/Aprilla/Ktm?
  9. Tugsy

    Rider down in Mendocino NF

    Get a spot mesenger if you ride alone and hope that if you crash you can activate it. Or better yet put it on tacking mode and it will send out your location every 10 minutes to website. I agree with others...do not ride alone if at all possible.
  10. Tugsy

    WR250 or WR300 Going back to the smokers

    Just a thought...the worcs series will be in Taft on June 11 and 12th. I would put out a call to see if anyone is driving up from so cal. I think some of the Temacula Shops have sponsored riders in the series. It is worth a shot and some gas money for someone to load and bring bike up with them. Zip Ty Racing is a Husky team that is one hour from Temecula. They are great guys and would maybe help.
  11. Tugsy

    Shorai battery

    Which Battery?
  12. Tugsy

    Need Someone to lace wheels in sf bay area

    Call Six Five O Racing at 650 576 4689 in San Carlos
  13. Tugsy

    TE449 Rider Test

    Thought test was okay,,,dont put much faith in a review that shows 2 pictures of TE instead of the TXC....nice editing.
  14. Tugsy

    RIP Jeff "Ox" Kargola

    :thumbsup: Good post. RIP "OX"
  15. Tugsy

    G450X as a trail bike?

    Great trailbike...I ride it from time to time when I go out with slower groups because it is easy to ride at slower pace.