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  1. jkosmo

    So....ready for some Husqvarna's?

    Has pricing for the 2014 bikes been released yet?
  2. jkosmo

    2006 RM 250 Build Thread...

    Did you go with semi gloss on your frame? I'm sending my frame out this week and trying to decide to go semi gloss or satin.
  3. jkosmo

    does DH mtb help with Enduro?

    Definitely! I've been riding downhill, free ride, and xc mountain bikes for the last 4 years or so and I think the skills/fitness developed there is very helpful for woods riding on the dirtbike. The physical aspect is huge but also the mental/strategy part has been a great help to me. Riding downhill and XC has engrained it in my mind that line choice can make or break a ride/race. Riding a mountain bike really emphasizes the importance of choosing fast lines and keeping your momentum up which can be directly translated to riding the dirtbike. Definitely a great way to train off the dirtbike!
  4. jkosmo

    Hare Scramble Practice

    That looks spectacular! I'd love to have some property like that some day!
  5. jkosmo

    Riding with my woman...

    Nice! I'm looking for a bike for my lady as well, how does your girlfriend manage with kicking over the 250f?
  6. jkosmo

    Rotator Cuff Pain

    I think these injuries vary greatly from person to person. For myself I've recovered from both a torn rotator cuff and severely dislocated shoulder on my right side. Currently recovering from a broken collar bone on my left.... Either way I've found that strengthening exercises as well as stretching are extremely helpful in helping me live pain free. Initially after my injures I usually started with light stretching and range of motion exercises. Once I could carry out those with little pain I moved onto strengthening. For both my rotator cuff and dislocation I started with internal and external abduction exercises (low weight or bands) and lateral raises. From there I picked up my traditional weight lifting as pain allowed. Also I've found that dumb bell bench seems to favor my shoulder injures opposed to barbell. So far what I have noticed is that keeping active and regularly working the shoulders and rotator cuff muscles keeps me from experiencing pain. I've taken a month off now due to my collar bone healing and notice that my right shoulder is starting to become sore more often.