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  1. Hey guys, week ago took my bike out for a run first time this summer and managed to ride about 3km until piston seized. Changed piston and honed cylinder, filled the oil and I started without sparkplug and noticed there is no oil coming out from the top jet. I started for good 45sec, there should have sprayd oil right? Right now I have the engine out and checked all oil channel torxs I could find and they all seem to be clear. I have updated oil pump shaft and gears + 125 oil jet. I'm running out of ideas where the problem could be.
  2. KTM are you &%$#@!ing kidding me? Pictures are from less than 200km old head gasket.
  3. Akrapovic


    Can you please tell me what they did to the bike? I have the same problem.
  4. What could cause spilling from radiator cap when accelerating/reving the engine? Also when I went to ride this morning there was no water mixed with oil and I even checked the oil when I was riding but as soon as I came home there was water in engine and transmission oil. I have had overheating issues and I was testing the bike when this happened. I have brand new radiator cap.
  5. Akrapovic

    2008 EXC 530 ticking noise

    [html]http://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p19726/EVANS-POWER-COOL-180°-WATERLESS-COOLANT-(5-Litres)/product_info.html[/html] I have now rebuilt the engine and I replaced old piston with wössner high compression one. It is B grade piston old one was A. And now the ticking noise is almost gone except now its coming from water pump area. Also electric starter can't rotate the engine at all, but it runs just fine if I kickstart it. What could be the problem? I have tried with car battery and it still can't rotate it. The work is taking frustrating long because I can't work on it everyday. EDIT: What do you guys think about this Evans waterless coolant? It says it takes up to 180 degrees, sounds pretty damn good to me. Evans waterless coolant
  6. Akrapovic

    2008 EXC 530 ticking noise

    The video I posted didn't really show the problem, but there is loose when I move it up and down so the connecting rod needs to be changed too. I really couldn't find anything what would have caused it to run without oil except piston rings what seemed to be little off it's place, I did have some problems taking off the pin and I might have moved it myself. one more thing, should I just try to search for a shop who could hone the cylinder or can I do it myself? I do have a drilling machine.
  7. Akrapovic

    2008 EXC 530 ticking noise

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYVBSlI-FXI&feature=youtu.be http://desmond.image...jpg&res=landing http://desmond.image...jpg&res=landing http://desmond.image...jpg&res=landing http://desmond.image...jpg&res=landing
  8. Akrapovic

    2008 EXC 530 ticking noise

    I opened the engine today and it seems like there has been minor "Cutting off(?)" if you guy know what I mean. I'll upload some pictures of the piston and the cylinder tomorrow, the piston is worn and there are some scars on the cylinder too, the piston needs to be replaced and hopefuly it caused the noise and not crankshaft bearing. I hope someone can tell me why the piston is worn from the pictures.
  9. Akrapovic

    2008 EXC 530 ticking noise

    Today the sound got worst and I have to open the engine fast if I still want to ride this year. Anyway I'm going to replace the piston and the head gasket, should I buy one of those aftermarket pistons or should I go for original one? I really couldnt find any promising aftermarket head gasket so I'm going to buy original. Also 556er I have double checked the valves and they were good. Couldnt really find anything bad looking from the rocket arms so I just assume they are OK. Inside of the rocket arms were in perfect condition and they didn't have any loose.
  10. Akrapovic

    2008 EXC 530 ticking noise

    I have checked my oil level and it is normal. The bike does use oil but nothing serious.
  11. Akrapovic

    2008 EXC 530 ticking noise

    Unfortunately yes, it makes louder noise when I blip the throttle, also when I "engine braking(?)" the sound almost disapears. Sorry for late reply. I'm going to tear down to engine this winter anyway so I get better look at the head gasket. Hopefully it's only the gasket and not a worn piston or cylinder.
  12. Hello, I bought my first 4-stroke ktm few months ago second hand. Only 8000km on the clock and now suddenly loud ticking noise from the valve area. I have changed Dirt Tricks cam chain tensioner and adjusted the valves but the sound didn't disappear. The sound is just unbearable, loud as hell and you can hear it few meters away. Excuse my unoriginal nickname and poor grammar.