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  1. TerribleTim68

    Fun Times Sunday

    Yea, I have a couple maps of CF. But none of them really show things correctly and all of them are sketchy at best. So a lot of the time you are just going "I think we're somewhere close to here?"
  2. TerribleTim68

    Fun Times Sunday

    I heard the Rock Candy side was a bit more challenging than Waddell.
  3. TerribleTim68

    Washington Fun Times Sunday

    Had some fun up at Capitol Forest Sunday. The wife and I made it up #40 Trail a ways before we turned around and came back for fear of running out of gas. Gets a little steep getting up to the top of Mt. Molly! That was definately stretching the comfort zone a bit for me and a LOT for my wife. I'd still like to find the way to take Middle Waddell Loop north from the campground where it crosses the road. It's not very well marked over there. We went that way last week but just ended up alongside the road. I didn't see any place where it crosses. From what I hear that trail would be more along my wife's level for now and so I'd like to figure that one out. I think taking her up #40 again might be pushing it. It worked when she didn't know what was coming. Now she's smarter.
  4. TerribleTim68

    Hey Gang!

    Yea, understood. It isn't like the street bike that's for sure. Plus, it is hard to see down in that funky shaped tank. I can't tell where the bottom is, or where half would be.
  5. TerribleTim68

    Hey Gang!

    Oh hey, could use a little advice from those who ride CF regularly regarding how far I can go before doing "the walk of shame" back to a gas can. We rode from that Waddell Creek trailhead up and around the campground. I remember going up the side of a cliff, across a couple bridges, back down and then coming to a "T". We went right (against my NASCAR judgement) and then came to a "sort of paved" road that brought us back to a trail that came down between the road and the campground and back to the trailhead parking lot. After looking at a map, I think I know where we went. So, some questions - 1) When we came to that "T", where do we end up if we went left (the proper NASCAR way)? 2) Why can't I find that "T" on the map? 3) Any advice on how far I should go before I turn around so I don't run out of gas? (bike is a '02 YZ125, yes, a 2-stroke)
  6. TerribleTim68

    Washington Hey Gang!

    So I ran across this forum from a coworker who said "check here". The wife and I are new to dirt bike riding. Been riding street bikes for years but just got a couple dirt bikes a couple weeks ago. Took em out to CF last weekend and will be headed out again Sunday. We stuck to the Waddell Creek area 'cause I heard it was "easy". Will be headed back there again this time until we get use to this whole dirt thing. Anyway, maybe I'll run across some of you there. We'll be easy to spot, just look for the slow noobs that are trying to move out of your way.