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  1. ill go look at it today and check. Also i want them to break down the extra 1000 in "fees and tax" . Ill let u guys know.
  2. thats the price, but that dealer is known for throwing shit load of fees and crap.
  3. took your post into account, just called and they said 2800 out the door. good price?
  4. Looking to upgrade from 2004 yz125 and saw this was 3500 but i guess they want it off the lot now bad.
  5. Yamaha just offered me a YFZ450 2012 for 7200 out the door. Is this a good price. I was kind of leaning towards a 2012 KX450F but the best deal I can find on that is 7300 BEFORE tax title ect. Should I go for the Yamaha?